19 December 2005

Finally! The answer to the Chicken And Egg Question.

I was in Kota Kinabalu early this year spending the nite over in Promenade Hotel (spelling corrected by applepie), a customer of mine (Desmond) insisted that he will accompany me for breakfast in the hotel and to be honest I m longing for a company. I have been on the road for 9 days and everyday I have been eating breakfast alone in the hotel. Just face it, no one gonna wakeup bloody early in the morning to eat breakfast with me *sigh*

after 9 days of Hotel Buffet I can tell you what I m gonna get even tho this is the 1st time I taking my breakfast in this hotel, so me and Desmond decided to go ala carte even tho buffet is totally FOC. Both of us took a look at the ala carte menu, a few minutes later Desmond ordered some kinda omlette and I ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice.

After we placed our order we chat for abit while waiting for our food to arrive. In the midst of chatting I realised something, we just ordered eggs and chicken, now egg and chicken is the big question everyone is asking everybody! but right there and then I seems to have the answer to that question. I then turn to Desmond and asked him this :

Me : Desmond have you heard about the Chicken and egg story ?
Desmond : You mean which comes first ? the chicken or the egg ?
Me : Yup! thats the question.
Desmond : yup! what bout it ?
Me : Everyone seems to be seeking the answer and right this moment i have the answer to that question itself.
Desmond : Whoa .... enlight me pls my ears are all yours
Me : Its rather simple really, you just gotta be more sensitive to your surroundings
Desmond : Like now ?
Me : Yea exactly like now!
Desmond : Care to be a little more specific ? I m lost here.
Me : Look the answer lies within that waiter.
Desmond : That waiter ??!! I m trying to see the relevency here but that waiter gonna give us the answer ?
Me : Yea, I told you the answer are rather simple.
Desmond : Ok ok tell me what kinda answer will the waiter give us ?
Me : Well that all depends.
Desmond : On what ?
Me : On the question of coz!
Desmond : The question remained unchanged since the beginning of this conversation, its the chicken and egg question and we wanna know which comes first.
Me: Yup exactly! cant you see by now ? the answer would totally depends on whether the waiter will bring your egg or my chicken first! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Desmond : you are a bloody joker arent you ?



  1. mmh, i give answer on wingz behalf,

    the rooster fuck the hen,
    the hen lay the egg,
    the egg hatch a chicken,
    therefore, the rooster came first.
    without the rooster, nothing.

    right onot? Rojak seller.

  2. to correct u..it's promenade hotel. next time remember ah..:D

  3. mmh : erm ... egg or chicken come 1st ar ? err that very much depends on how much u gonna bribe the waiter ler lol

    ahpek : not ngam la .. we actually asked the waiter and this is his answer "who order 1st then his will come 1st la" lol

    applepie : oh ya promenade!!! soli soli hehe i go change now

  4. haha. yalah so simple answer why i no think of it. next time when i am in restaurant with friends and we do order chicken and egg, i will bring in this riddle and show off i know the answer... courtesy of rojak.

  5. Hi Wingz, Nice blog. By the way, did you go 'siew yeh' (supper) at the Promenade?
    11.00 pm onwards at the pub on the mezzanine floor got damn salivating chicken hanging around wan....no eggs though LOL

  6. Hahah... You're frigging funny. Love you and read you before work starts everyday. Your blog makes this world a much better place to live in. Anyways, god who created the chicken/egg came first.

  7. lucia : haha .. eh then u blog bout it ok ? lol!

    frostier : hahahahaa ... i think u r right!

    cocka : normally ... by 10pm i alredi fast asleep ler so, i never been down there at the pub alone bcoz i m allergic of salivating chicken kakakaka!!! I prefer eggs tho lol

    pinkity : Awww ... you almost made me tears~~ *sniff sniff* Im glad to know my efforts does makes a differences in this world. I tenkiu very much!!!

  8. i read ur blog everyday! i didnt expect ur words would appear in my blog instead, haha...

    the answer really ZHAR DOU la... haha

  9. I think the 'Pat Leong Gam' picture that you put as your masthead might have something to do with the 'geli-hati-ness' that I feel everytime i log in to Rojakz? :p Ganbatte!!!


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