15 December 2005

KennySia and the Gay-ish Cashier

Once upon a time there is a guy call Ahkua who works as cashier, he just got fired by his ex boss and hes sending lotsa application letters looking for a new job. One of the application letter were sent to Kenny . (for this story to works we hafta assume that Kenny is actually a bar owner who got an extra vacancy for a cashier)

Kenny received Ahkua's job application and with the informations provided by Ahkua in his application letter Kenny managed to contact Ahkua's ex boss Maniam, for some cross refrences.

Kenny : Can I speak to Mr Maniam Please ?
Maniam : this is Maniam speaking, whois this and what is this about ?
Kenny : This is Kenny and I would like to check with you bout a ex employee of yours named Ahkua. Hes applying for the position of cashier in my pub, so I thot i check up with ya what is he like ?
Maniam : CIS!! Ahkua ??!!! hes a thief!!! he sapu my money from the cash register and i caught him red handed! he also snake alot in the toilet! I heard from anoder employee of mine, he go toilet peek at peeples pee-pee! He is very the Gay dei !!! I advised against employing him if i were you Mr. Kenny.
Kenny : Tenkiu Mr. Maniam for your valuable advise, I know what to do liow.

The next day Kenny called Ahkua to come for an interview, during the interbiu :

Kenny : Ok la ... I m happy with all your experience as a cashier, I will employ you under these conditions.
Ahkua : Hansem boss, what your condition lerrr ... tell me faster ler ....
Kenny : Ok lidis la ... i called your ex boss and he told me all your bad stuffs, so if you wanna work with me I dont want you to snake inside the toilet and dont ever ever steal money from the cash register!
Ahkua : Eiyer ... I promise you i wont be lidat anymore ler ... when i start work jek hansem boss ?
Kenny : You can start immediately if you wan.
Ahkua : I want I want!!! *winks*
Kenny : Ok ok! now gimme a kiss and get to work.

P.S.: this is oni a joke ler .... Kennysia is not Gay one ok ?!! PLUs stay away pulez!!! LMAO!!

Pikchure courtesy of kennysia.com



  1. meself think you are waiting to get sued.
    wah your new template nice and quick loading lah. how come we both got itchy at the same time wan? meself oso changed template yesterday.

  2. hahahhahaha heheheheheh i couldn't stop laughing

  3. ahpek : no la ... I always ask for permission from the person involved (apart from u) prior to posting one and this post were done with consent from Kennyjai, contrary to popular belif, kennyjai is a very sporting fler. I once a year only change template ler ahpek .. u change template like change baju lidat lol

    applepie : happynye kau! cuti skola now ka ? eh whats your blog url ar ?

    wu : soli ler ... i blanja lu eat more canned luncheow meat ok ? lol

  4. Hey I like the new template man good job.

  5. very nice template and noty joke =P

  6. Ah, finally a template that can be view on Mac's Safari. Maybe now you'll get some quality audience. *ahaks*

    (runs for cover)

  7. Anonymous5:46 pm

    hahaha so not funny. =p

  8. ST : wuah gwailo also say nice then I got confident ledi lol!

    Reta : thanks ... redit goes to alex taikor from alexallied! hes the man!

    james : congrats!!! you are my 1st quality audience!!! lol ... i will give u 1 mangkuk of my saliva as your prize want anot ? haha

  9. cj : not so funny means at least got a bit funny elements existed what ? then its still funny mah altho not as funny as others ler, buden i working as pump attendant only wor ... how to compare ?


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