14 December 2005

Announcement !! New Custom Template!!!

WAIT WAIT!! DONT GO!!! You came to the rite place! this is Rojaks! We just finished renovation! How do you like our new blog's layout ? I wanna do a survey I hope to get reader's response to further improve in the future.

1.How ? the new blog design/template sui boh ?
2.Loading time fast anot ?
3.I lengjai anot ?
4.Should I include a Donation Link ?
5.Anyone wanna pay me to link them ?
6.Any lenglui want to advertise their pic here ?
7.Anyone with extra money but dunno where to spent on ?
8.Any ader suggestion(s) ?

Many thanks to Alex taikor for his Blog template design!!! Hes a Pro Web Designer!! if you got any job for him just head to http://www.alexallied.com/ and leave him a message. Tell him Rojaks rekomen wan .. sure he gibe lu kaw kaw discount wan! if he slaughter lu then lu come tell me, i fark him kaw kaw for lu wokeh ??? lol!!


  1. NICE!!!!!! Way better than the previous template! This template is younger looking!!! Faster loading too.

    Your previous template take freaking long time to load, but din complain only. :P

  2. OI, Lanciau, you want a plate of rojak to put on the banner anot? I got nice-nice photos wor, rojak photoshopped on the table.

    But hor...the template is nice but mm ngam leh. Too clean for you. The blue too pure, not humsup enuff. Kick me, I am just being jeles.

  3. The colours remind me of barney and friends... -_-"

  4. jason : tenkiu for your honest opinion

    5xmom : dun jeles la ... if u want renovation i think beratur all the problogger wanna do for u ler FOC sommo!!

    n305er : barney ??!!! i like it coz it remind me of my son's future kindergarden kaler lol ...

  5. #1 waaah, very nice, clean and bright like wingz!

    #2 very good loading, previous a bit slow la, if add pix and vids, very very snail slow, but now OK!

    #3 of course, like a rojakz should

    #4 your call dude!

    #5 oie, a bit thick there eh?

    #6 plenty la, juzt advertise la.

    #7 oie, oie.... more thick than rojakz sauce lei.

    #8 keep up the good work... dun fall off chair... cheers!

  6. Very cool. Elegant summore! And fast loading too.

    Two thumbs up!

  7. Looks clean, loads fast. Good layout worr.... Summore you lengjai and got peepel jeles sama you. Some people have all the luck!

  8. crazygrr| : i thot u say not nice one ?

    joec : wuah joe my buddy! u really likes quiz dont u ? lol

    sashi : wuah tenkiu!! i lebiu !!! lol

    wu : tenkiu for your feedback! actually the kaler ... very the ngam me coz i abit sot sot dei wan lol

    justin : wuah bro thanks for dropping by

    ivan : tenkiu dude!!

    plink : hahaha lengjai ? where where ? thanks for the feedback dude!

  9. Too clean for you, not hamsap enough. :p

    Anyway, well done !

  10. bryan : tenkiu ...

  11. colours look like they lack of vitamins but its sure load faster.... :-)

  12. Your new template definitely loads 100x faster. Color wise, soli brother, mar mar dei only. On the bright side, u still blardy len hamsem..OK?


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