17 December 2005

Xmas Tag

Tagged by Helen, honestly I dont like doing tag or meme. I dunno why, prolly bcoz I m farking lazy or I just do not have enuff intelligence to properly finish a tag all by myself ??

Anyway, this tag by Helen is kinda simple so I thot I give it a shot. Dont scold me if I screwED this up okeh ? BTW Im not a YehSowJai so my knowledge of Xmas could be very well limited.

State who tagged you;
- List who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift);
- State the gift you wish to get;
- Then invite a few friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog.

State Who Tagged lu : Tagged By Helen

List who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of gift) - Can have more than 1 anot ? I got 2!

SaTam Claus

1. I want SaTam Husin to be my 1st Santa Claus. [SaTam Claus or Santa SaTam]
Why : Because he still got lotsa hidden treasure all around the world. If hes my Santa, I'll ask him to gimme his "OTHER" swiss bank accont number and password, I also want all his hidden oil rig. with those oil rigs I can help reduce the price of Msia oil price and give joy to lotsa peeples.

You dont look down at this old fox. I am sure he is hiding lotsa stuffs from the Amadikas, if not where his mahchais got money to buy all those bombs n guns to whack kaw those Amadikans right anot ?

If he gave me all his money ledi then his mahchais also no money to buy guns n bombs and those Amadikans also no need to die lar!! SEE SEE! I m not doing this for myself one u know!!! I m doing this for his mahchais and those Amadikans in YeeRaq!! LONG LIVE SATAM!!!

His name is Odoubi Tokunbo - sounds like relative to Obi wan Kenobee

2. A SucksesFool Nigerian Scammer to be the other Santa Clause.
Why ? Wise Chinese peeple (Confucious) once said "If you love your chewdren dont gibe them marney, teach them how to make marney instead. So if you kaputED ledi they wont starve to death". How true hor ?

Thats why i chosen this nigerian scammer to be my second santa la, My 1st Santa (Saddam Claus) gimme heaps of money ledi but if i dont learn to make more myself i very soon will pokai also, so i decided to ask this 2nd Santa to teach me how to make more money! I wanna learn the secret of how to be a SuckesFool Nigerian Scammer then I dont have to be afraid that I will starve one day.

Lets face it, this world is fulla GREEDY pigs! These pigs will keep sending me marney, all i hafta do is to continue sending fake lottery emails only. Easy anot ?? But the hard part is ... i gotta get myself really Tan 1st ... prolly as Tan as he is ... which is kinda difficult if not possible. Maybe if i use shoe polish it would be easier and darker ? What you think ?KAKAKAKAA!!!!

Lastly I wanna past this Xmas Tag to these few Sohais (p.s. New addendum : You can have more than 1 Santa wan leh!!! )

Ahpek : Bcoz Helen alredi bribe me, Helen actulee shiok kat Ahpek wan but she shy to tag AHpek mah so she asked me to tag him on her behalf lor!
Eggy : Bcoz he reminds me of Humpty Dumpty and he sapotED my theory that Hamsups peeples goes to heaven wan.
AlexAllied : Bcoz his design kaw my new layout and dem kaw chun ... i very the likey!
Wolfy : Bcoz he can do wonders with his Camera and he still owe me lotsa juicy pics which he plomised to send to me but i have yet to receive.
HokkienLang : this one is my buddy, not much peeple know who he is but if he dun do this santa thing everyone will know who this guy is! Wuahahahaha!!! mch i m evil!!!
Suanie Tew : Bcoz she just kena rob, so i think her choice of Santa would be very interesting! also i Arm LuenED her so long ledi so i take this chance to hint to her abit. I Lebiuuu !!!
LocKee trading : Bcoz I dunno this guy much but got aunty told me that this fler dem kaw rich ... so I wanna carry his ball abit. Hopefully he gimme big big Xmas plesen!
Kennyjai a.k.a. Kennysia : Bcoz his photshop skill very kengchow so I looking forward to see his new creation.
Liz : Bcoz her header dem kaw Xmas mood, I m sure she will put on Santarina Costume and camwhore wan! I WANNA SEE!!!!
SimonTalks : Bcoz hes my brader and hes also a Christian, so i think he very happy to do this one ler. If he dont do then I show u his pic from this year mia PPD bash ok ? HAHAHAHAHA!!!
: This one my brader too! this fler dem kaw terror wan, he can drive, can cook, can draw, can pimp, can camwhore, can throw party. Hes throwing a Xmas party i sked he no invite me if i dont tag kaw him ler lol!

diu lor ... I tagged 11 flers liow ... better stop b4 someone come whack kaw me hehe ...



  1. Anonymous3:33 pm

    merry xmas dude! thanks for the tag!

  2. ngo meh lei geh clisi mas for tagging me.

  3. oui, why tag me ah? now i've to write more posts. geez. kakakakaka.

    but no tengkiu! you're welcome.

  4. merry xmassssssssssssssssssss!!!11

  5. Waaaa, WIngz is Wingz!! Satam Clause also can ar....?? lol But good choice also ....

    You are really bad wor..... tag so many ppl.... ha ha ha I dare not. BTW, what is all this rubbish about me syiok ah Pek?? %^&&**@#

    ** whisper ** you are really sooi. (not Hokkien sooi, OK?) You declare like that, how on earth can I continue to ngam luen ah pek!! Diu.

  6. hokkienlang : the pleasure is entirely mine!

    ahpek : lei meh ngo geh xmas wor ??

    alex : yes tenkiu you are welokam too!

    liz : mehlee xmas!!!

    helen : aiks!!! what u mean u knot arm luen ahpek anymore ?? i thot that one is alredi an open secret lol

  7. KNN tackle 11 people liao lagi say a fwe... if many means the whole PPS members ka?

    Wei, dont hear all those Shi Nai say ohh, not Chun one. me lagi need your donation leh :P


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