9 December 2005

Before You Ask For More, See These Camparisons First

I was at my uncle's place last weekend when i heard my niece saying this to my uncle "Pa! next year I go college alredi, you promised to buy me a car wan and pls dont buy me a kancil ok ? I dont want kancil either Wira, Savvy or Myvi ok ?"

"WTF??!!!" what kinda attitude is that ? I thot beggers cant be choosers ??? my uncle is not really "loaded" he barely can make ends meet but his doter is now asking for what she wants rather than what she needs. What is wrong with kids nowadays ? What is wrong with a 660cc manual Kancil ? Maybe her frends are from those farkingly rich family and they driving nicer cars so thats why my niece dont wanna drive a Kancil for the fear of being luff at ?

My 1st Car is Nissan Sunny, I bought this car from my dad. This car used to be my dad's taxi but after 11 yrs of using it as a taxi he were force to change to a new car as the car is getting too old. Today this Nissan Sunny is still park under the shades in my mum's house. You see the differences anot ? I hafta buy my own car from my own dad and yet my niece is given a car but she wants a better car! Is this where the world is going nowadays ?? This is scary!

Also today I got this email in my inbox, look at the pic and then you will realise how FORTUNATE we all are! so STOP ASKING FOR MORE!!!!

You complain your PC is too slow but somewhere in the world ppl are writing on sands

You complained your baby too skinny, too bad u havent seen a REAL skinny baby befoh

You komplen your bed is not soft enuff, wait till u met someone who hafta sleep on the ground

Some are too well fed, and some are way under fed.

You complained you are bored with your games wait till u meet someone whose only toy are human skulls

You are bored with your food, wait till you met someone who got none

Life is not a bed of roses everyday, so please be grateful with what you got today bcoz there are definitely someone who are in worst situation than you can possibly think of.

When your life is in a mess, pls do come back and take a look at these pictures. Take a deep breath and exhale, I m sure you will be able to find more courage to go on living. I know it helped me I hope it will do the same to you too.



  1. rojaks, soli la i've been a spoilt kid, but still i got buy ur rojaks eliday ok! means u got business then got rice eat. must be grateful ledi ok.

  2. waah, today rojakz very touching lor, the post very terrory moving... yesyes, we should count our blessings, there are ppl who are worst off, kids nowadays are spoilt, never suffer b4. My first kereta was a manual 10yr old saga liao.... kids now drive JAZZ... *sign*


  3. i'm so touching with those photos. memang nowadays kids very spoilt same like me. i oso like ur niece, ask my mother buy me car but i dowan kancil bcos too small 4 me...:D

  4. I lucky oni: last time go uni kayoh basikal. Basikal kena curi, then oni walking. Gor chi jau ji sei lork....

  5. haha! yesterday only you say you wan to buy a Mazda RX7 or something? i hear wrongly ah?

  6. alex : haha but i no dish wor .. eat rice only meh ?

    joeC : eh I also got sensitive side mia mahhh . I just hope my kid dont grow up lidat ler. mahai u dun bluff la ... u bawak sepot kar wan!

    applepie : ur family rich mahhh not like me poor man

    plink : wuah at least u got basikal ok ? be grateful ler :P

    ahpek : yesday i havent got this email mahhh ... today morning only i got this email, buden i still wanna buy that car ler! lol

  7. Nowadays these kid too pampered liao..
    should teach them a little bit,if not always call u buy this buy that,but until u pokai!

  8. cannot say small kids like that lar adult too like that.... oso.
    give u 1 example.... :
    ah chon n ah beng are good fren...
    there are leech! err.. rich. both of them always help each other...
    but 1 day ah chon bangkrap, no money! seek ah beng help but ah beng say no money woh! but showing his gold chain on his neck...

    you see? tru or not?

  9. each time when kids waste food and i start with the hungry ones in africa(almost the same dialogue mom said when i grew up) I was often met with the stare of yeah yeah yeah.. and now u saved me... they hv seen the pic comparison and understood(hopefully the realization would last!!!) and i don't hear i want a new PS2..mama still hs those anatomy bones set in case they are very bored with their toys!!

  10. wah liao weyh..

    my parents can only afford to pay for my driving liscence. kenot even buy a nissan car for me (my mader used to drive like urs wan).

    some ppl dont know how lucky they r. if my mader give me any car also i take.

    kereta lembu also still ok. as lonh as can moveee

  11. If your uncle's daughter is so hardup for imported cars, offer your Nissan SUnny to her-lar...(for a price of course)lol

    BTW, I feel it's the children's indiscretion to ask, but it's the parents' discretion to refuse!! Some parents are just as bad succumbing to every whims & fancy of their children!

  12. very kesian looking at those african kids... haih... >..<


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