7 December 2005


Today, this morning I was driving my way to work when I saw this motocyclist on a kapcai carrying 4 pcs of 17" tyres. How he done it you may ask, lidis wan ..... 1 tyre he put on himself (like using a tube when u learning to swim that time la) 1 tyre he hang left handle 1 tyre hang right handle and behind seat there he tie 1 more tyre VIOLA! 4pcs of 17" tyres on a kapcai on MRR2 highway !!!! That is what I call a 6 wheels bike!!!

Then later on somewhere in Kajang I saw 2 small skool bois racing on the road without helmet and i doubt they got lisen too, it must be skool holiday now .... lotsa kamikaze motorcyclist will surface, so if u drives pls plektis extra precaution ok ? you dont wanna have underage kids underneath your car.

Maybe skool now got new syllabus which includes "How to be a Suiciding Motorcyclist During Skool Holiday" You think their parents actually give them the keys to the kapcai or what huh ? Maybe some of them got too many kids liow... knot afford to feed'em all so using drastic measures to reduce the head count ... mahai they are so evil !!!

Everyday I m a potential killa, if i kira all the chance that i got driving on the road to and from work i think averagely I can kill about 5-6 motorcyclist a day. Today kambing to work alredi got 3 case the last one was a biker that think he is driving a car, cruising in the middle of the road in FAST LANE moving like 50kmh on the 90kmh SILK highway. If by any chance my break is faulty today he alredi in hospital by now.

The other day when I was kambing out from McD "drive in" I saw this motorcyclist kambing from my left and still safe for me to cross if he maintain that kinda speed, but when he saw me giving signal indicating i will be turning the sohai increase his speed n try to pass me before i turned. I slammed on my brakes and i stopped right in the middle of the road blocking half of the road, the sohai got no choice but to cut in to the other half of the road and bcoz of his speed he lost control of his kapcai and slammed into a van parked at the side of the road. Luckily he dint die, only minor cuts n bruises, lets hope I wont see him again.

Last time TV n lehlio got this advertisement asking cars/trucks driver to give chance to motorcyclist becoz they also wanna live, to me it should be the other way around, Motorcyclist pls give us a chance. Pulez dont suicide on us, give us car drivers a chance we wanna live too!




  1. And I thought I was the only heartless bitch that thought that way. Hahahahahha... Some motorcyclists are just idiots. BIG idiots on SMALL vehicles.

  2. This is another community message brought to you by Rojakz.

  3. Wingz man sui! man sui!! I second u with hands and legs on the notion that the TV ad is damn fuckin chee gau lan 7 sin to say that !! I dun mind going on record to say I HATE THOSe Farking Sohai motorcyclists!! Period.

    They are rude, they are crude and they think just bcos they are in motor the world farkin owe them something. (bcos there are deprived, so, u ppl with car owe them something!!)

    Sorry, gone overboard here... but I do get emotional when it comes to those motorcyclists. lol

  4. pinkity : haha maybe we shud open a club to share our interest and spread the hate ler ... ok anot ?

    5xmom : wuah someone got new notebook jor worrr

    helen : haha Helen we both sapot u jadi plesiden of our new club !!!! All Hail Plesiden Helen !!!

  5. aiya, kamikazi all over tha place liao, got motobike kamikazi, also got lorry kamikazi ler, those are big bomber kamikazi... also got kancil kamikazi....

    Why the small and big got some kinda mental block ah? wan a quick rebirth issit? come, come, unkle joe kasi you FOC....


  6. Eeyer... People ride kapcai lidat then other road users where got chan?
    Then later got credit rating oreddy buy Kancil, no wander Kancil orso kamikaze wan....
    Next time people driving cars have to wear helmet instead.
    I go talk to Tentera Darat. Want to buy used kereta kebal. If kenot, then pinjam-pinjam oni... ;)

  7. you nonid sked wan mah. you mia ehkod mia pedestrian safety mnyak keng mah, hor. sammore the kapchai oso moving forward, when bang, also less powah mah.

  8. Must be youngster who doing this stupid things......not include me lah..keke!
    They think they are "rossi" in the road.....

  9. hey, i am a kapchai driver! you guys talking about me lah! bad! bad! :)

    never mind, i agree with you guys regarding 'em kapchai drivers too... reckless and daredevils... but not me lah, as i'm a goody careful law-abiding motorcyclist.

    anyway i only ride within the city area... dare not ride out of city. for sure i will dare not ride in KL!!

    speaking of KL, i'll be in KL this sunday and plan to meet a few bloggers. if you free free, do come and join us ok. see my blog:

  10. motorcyclists always like that lor ithink they wan impler-less honk kong die-lecter with those stunts.
    but don't say 2 wheels la .say to 16 to 20 wheels lor . they drive like king.... hantam everyting on thier path......

  11. joeC : haha u now chaged job ledi izzit ? so now u selling birth cert liow la ?

    plink : i can pinjam lu my tractor if u want

    butty : i not sked he kill me ... i sked he killed himself and used my car as the weapon in the process

    yhtan : our kapcais riders only fierce on the road. If u put them in sepang their balls will kecut!

    surfnux : wuah superman style! lucky the sohai motorcyclist din die man!

    Lucia : wuah careful hor ... must wear leather jacket and gloves and knee caps!

  12. Eh, a club would be good man. I think we have a few members here edy.

    Some of them is OK, but then most of them is not.

    There was once I was driving in Setapak, indicated that I'm gonna change lanes to the right, saw no car/motorcycles 'kambing' I make the change, 'sardenly' this idiot motorguy barged into the lane, din c me, lucky i breakked in time. I stopped, he swerved abit and then proceeded to drive on, look back and gave me the finger while scolding me. I calmly returned the finger and mouthed 'Fuck you'. I felt bad actually but thinking about it again made me feel mad. Don't feel sorry for them no more.

    Another thing that pisses me off on the road are those 'Mat Rempets'. Hope they will all fly off their bikes simultaneously while performing stunts. I personally think they should just quit their day jobs (if they have any) to perform in the circus. And also to participate in the Merdeka Day parade. hahha


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