1 December 2005

Buaya69 and How he Became an Accountant

In case you dunno yet, Buaya69 is a Certified PUBIC Accountant (CPA) Buaya69 told me bout his first job interbiu were really tough and he really faught hard to get the job. Its not an easy task.

So i asked him;

Me : How tough ?
Buaya : I was called to attend the final interbiu, I m the one of 3 candidates being chosen for the post of Company Accountant.
Me : Then ?
Buaya : I was the last to go in la ... but after I got the job i become frend with the boss then he told me the whole story.
Me : ok, go on
Buaya : Its lidis one, I last go in mah so, my boss asked everyone the same question then judge us on how we answer the question la
Me : ok normal wat ? then what happen ?
Buaya : The first man go in then the boss ask the fler "2+2 equals to what ?" The first fler answered "FOUR" then my boss ask him to go home and wait for news.
Me : HAH??!! so fast ? knn sure anot wan ?
Buaya : Thats what my boss told me la ... then second fler also same question "2+2 equals to what ?" the fler answer "FOUR" also. My boss also ask him go home wait for hi call.
Me : Mahai your boss dem auta la ... asking stupid question then ask ppl to go home wait for response.
Buaya : no nooo u wrong liow .. mahai u wanna listen to my story or u wanna tell your own version wan ?
Me : Soli soli ... i diam :x
Buaya : then tak sampai 5 min my turn to go in pulak. I sit down and my boss also weck me with the same question "what is 2+2?" I tarak answer him straight away, I stand up then walk to the window and pull all the curtain down then i walk to the door and make sure its lockED then i make sure the phone if off the hook then i walk back to my boss and ask him back "BOSS, you tell me how much you want 2+2 to be la ... you just tell me the answer and I will take care of the rest of the entries for lu ok? "

Me : Wuahhhhhh.... U very evil hor ....
Buaya : hahaha that is how u can be a good Accountant la !
Me :



  1. hahah so smart!!!

  2. this sounds damn familiar.....rojaks, u doing CnP then moh-dih-faih ah?

  3. i agree with din. rojakz getting good at modifying old stories. hehe

  4. cis...

    like that also can =P

  5. lol, yaya, rojaks very evil wan. hehehe, cheers!

  6. suanie : tenkiuu ... eh wait u mean me smart or buaya smart ?

    din : sshhh ... secret laaaa lol

    ky : seriously la if u look at it how many jokes are original one ? i learning from jab-penis also .. they took Amadika products then add features and brand it as SONY! lol FC also a shadow of Porsche wat ?

    reta : welokam to the real world :P

    joeC : no la i m a hole-lee man

  7. .....that is why I cannot be an accountant.

    Control freaks like me should be bosses. LOL

  8. wu : eh where got accountant offended me la ? i myself also accountant also ...

    bottle : *speechless*

    helen : wuah master slave relationship ka ?

    wuching : who kena diu ??


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