20 December 2005

How Much Does Childbirth Hurts ?

I honestly admits that i dont know how much does childbirth hurts nor I am the best person to talks bout this topic, at least not untill today. I mean we guys would not have a chance to experience chilbirth as that is totally not in our job descriptions entirely. But today I learn something very valuable during my lunchtime.

As usual I like to take my lunch late, sinply bcoz I do not like the lunch hour crowds, the lottery seller, the annoying "sir can i have 5 mins of your time" craps seller. I had my lunch at around 3pm today and yes its pretty peaceful and quiet. I order Wantan noodle today and next to me were the a few food hawkers sitting down taking it easy and chit chatting away. Did i mentioned it was kinda quiet ? I guessed I did, I m telling you this bcoz i dont want you to think that I m kepoh or what. They just happened to talk abit louder and I just happened to heard it dats all. haha! Did i tell you that its very quiet in the restaurant ?? lol

Ok ok heres the conversation i overheard, but before that I just noticed that i dunno them by their names and Its very long to address them by their profession, so I made some shortform to make my jobs easier. And of coz the conversation is in cantonese, I translate it into yingrish bcoz thats the only language i can type in.

CHICMAN - Chicken Rice Man
ECONMAN - Economy Rice Man
PANMEE - Paan Meen Lady
CCFUN - Chee Cheong Fun Lady

The Conversation :

CHICMAN - : Feipoh!(PANMEEN) you terror la! 5 yrs give birth to 5 babies dem productive hor you ?
ECONMAN:Eh you mean her hubby productive or she ?
CHICMAN - : hahahaha
PANMEE: Eiyer u all very hamsup wan!!
CCFUN: Ya la they all memang hamsup wan, every month go hapcai.
ECONMAN: Eh Feipoh, wanna ask u har ... u give birth so frequent not pain wan meh ?
CHICMAN - : Eh dont bluff la! you give birth so many times ledi i think your hoe also numbed ledi haha no feel liow hahahaha
PANMEE: Choiii !!! see lar hamsup again !!!
ECONMAN: oi dont hamsup larr I asking serious question here sial!
CHICMAN - : ok soli soli, feipoh tell us lar how pain har ? decribe to us ler
PANMEE: VERY pain ok
ECONMAN: diu very pain means how pain ?
CCFUN: Why dont you try to give birth then u know la!
CHICMAN - : Aiyo we man knot give birth one laaa bodohhh
PANMEE: ok ok dont gaduh I will tell you how pain but you both will hafta do what i tell you to so that you will feel it.
CHICMAN - : BOTH ??? eh not i ask u wan leh .. ECONMAN ask u one leh u ask him do lar i dunwan do
ECONMAN: ok ok I do as you say, so tell me I wanna see how much it hurts
PANMEE: You sure you wanna know? Its very painfull one leh
ECONMAN: Eh dont worry I can tkae pain one, last time I poke nails all over my body during the Kwan tai kong temple celebration ok ?
PANMEE: ok lor lidat I tell you lor
PANMEE: 1st you take your upper lip and pull it out
*ECONMANdid as instructed*
PANMEE: Does it hurts ?
ECONMAN: abit only la ?
PANMEE: not yet lar, u pull so sikit. Pull more larr!!
*ECONMANstarts pulling his upper lip further and further away from his teeth.
PANMEE: Hold it there! now is that painful ?
ECONMAN: yar abit more than just now but still its very mild only la
PANMEE: Aiyah u pulling like a pondan lar, lemme help you la
*PANMEEpulls ECONMAN's lip kuat kuat*
PANMEE: Now does it hurts ?
ECONMAN: OUCH!!! yes its blardee painful!!
PANMEE: Actually thats not yet the actual pain, but i better stop here bcoz i dont think you could take the real pain of childbirth
ECONMAN: OI u dont look down on me ok ? I can take it! c'mon take me all the way!
PANMEE: you sure ?
PANMEE: ok then keep pulling your upper lip but this time pull it long long!
*ECONMAN did as instructed while holding back the pain and looks like a retard at the same time*
*ECONMAN keep pulling*
PANMEE: Ok ok hold it there! thats long enuff ...
*ECONMAN showing signs of relieve*

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! They are one bunch of freaking funny hawkers!!!!



  1. er what does that have to do with the pic? that person in the pic has deformed lower lip leh. and is the lip attached to the shoulder? o_O btw how long did the economy mee man pull his lip? won't have injury meh?

  2. aiyoyo, a slow day at the kopitiam! rojakz is a busybody! bwhahahaha.

  3. why she don ask him to pull back his foreskin? somemore painful what.

  4. hah, u know what king's response is whenever I say...'you dunno what pain is until you have given birth'?
    His definition of pain is...sliding down a razor blade using your balls as brakes!! OUCH!!
    Of course, his version is fiction, mine is real....

  5. Aiyah, rojakz, those men are just flirting only.... Lou tau and poh lar also fatt hau once in a while!! lol

    Dun take it so seriously!! lol


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