23 December 2005

Jingle Bells Remix a Christmas Song by Rojaks

As a kid growing up in Kampung Baru Ampang I have lotsa stories to tell, one of them being a typical Chinese Christmas.Back in those days my grandpa always bring me to kopitiam on the back of his bicycle, in the kopitiam there is this Story Teller Uncle, I still remembered how this Story Teller Uncle taught me how to sing Jingle Bells in Cantonese and after seing how a Linpeh colaborated with a group of bloggers and came out with their own version of White Christmas I decided to share my own version of Rojaks Jingle Bells as well. This is a last minute thingy therefore I do not have adequate time to ask for the participation of others bloggers.

This is my first single (which are made available to the public at large) and the music were taken from "Jingle Bells - Crazy Frog" the length of the song is approximately 1 minutes and 1.2mb. It took me a good 4 hours to put this all together and I hope you all will enjoy it.

WARNING! Before you proceed to download this song, Please read the below terms and conditions :

1. If you are easily disturbed by Religious Jokes please do not proceed.
2. My voice sucks, so just pay close attention to the lyrics not the voice ok ? I admit I cant sing for peenuts.
3. Those Lyrics are not written/created by me, I m merely sharing what i learnt from The Story Teller Uncle. I doubt he knew who the original author is also.
4. I just wanna spread the Spirit and Joy of Christmas, remember the song "Tis the Season to be Jolly shalalala" ? So, pulez do not condemn me ok ?
5. You had been WARNED! Proceed under own risk. Otherwise please exit now.





  1. Cool stuff dude. Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas to you & your family!
    BTW..hate that frog!

  3. Anonymous1:23 pm

    lol... cool. u got nice voice too man. *looks up for dark sky*

  4. cool song.. n nice voice too. :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Rojaks n crew!!

  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

  6. kehkehkeh, I am still grinning from the unplugged version. I thot of editing the shrek's version for you but now you got it.

    Merry Christmas to you, lil devil and your bini.

  7. Fuwah....your remix so nice wor.

    I ask MY Yehsou wan fan pei lei yat chin marn ok? (I ask my Yesu return you the one thousand dollar). You kena lottery time, remember to tip me back, ok?

  8. bwahahahaha!!! great stuff you did there man...you sounded like some Mawi's replacement for next years' Akademi Fucktasia!

  9. Ding Lee Lo Fei ! your voice damn 'Man' thinking is a Hong Kong Singer !!
    Buggar You really can Sing man.

    Merry Christmas to you Rojak & your Family and thanks for bringing so much funs all this year.

  10. wtffffffffffffff

  11. mahagurusia : Merry xmas dude!!! HEY!

    wuching : I loves frogs .. especially frogs legs!!! lol merry xmas to you and your family too

    dsaint : oi oi dun char me lidat lar... i ledi warn u not to pay any attention to the voice ledi lol ... pay attention to the lyrics instead

    crazygrr| : nice voice ??? -_-"" merry xmas to you too! muacks!!

    kljs : wuah taikor!! long time no see ur msn most of the time tarak online wan mau find u lso susah

    5xmom : Merry xmas to you and your family too! eh now yeh sow owes me moe than RM1k liow bcoz i got charge interest lol!!!

    stupe : dun lar pay attention to my voice. I sound like bapok in the song sial *malu*

    9394 : MAN ??? got ppl say i sounded like a bapokkkk! sommo say i can sing ... *blushing* merry xmas to you and your family too!

    jxt2j : WTF WTF ????!!! merry xmas !!!

  12. first ever audio post eh? Not bad, next time do a chinese new year one okey bro?!

    Yehsou will pay you back when you go to heaven next time ok!!! kekekeke.

  13. I am seeing a new born star!

  14. Oklah, I ask Yehsou throw in a few hot young things for you. LOL. You want male or female ones?

  15. ohmyfreakinggoodnessmesohilariouswei!!

    u got nice voice.. not bad LOL

    merry x'mas dude.

  16. alex : Chinese new year wan ? Cannn only if u promise to take part also la

    ng : Chinese new year ? if u also join me sing la how ? deal anot ?

    5xmom : I want females!!! got boh got loh one lol

    Reta : nice voice ??? -_-"" dont say so loud later i kena jadi joke of the year lol

  17. kennyLee : a Star!! omg!! *sweats*

  18. Waaaa!!! Got style man!! *clap**clap* Can can!! Bolih!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and all your kakis!!

  19. hahahaha

    yeh sou mm hai san
    yeh sou mm hai yan
    yeh sou chang ngor yat chin man!
    nei kei si ji nei wan! woohooo


  21. ahahahahahahah...i cannot understand lerr but i think 1 day u can be a SUPERSTAR ooo :P

    Merry christmas & happy new year to all of u

  22. Bruder,
    Your Yeh Sou song very nice and your readers all also very sporting no diu sama you about the lyrics. GOOD JOB! Merry christmas to you and happy new year !
    Lin Peh

  23. lb: hahaha sing like pondan also kira got style ka ? pondan style got la lol merry xmas wei!

    nicholas : hehe funny lehhh

    ahpek : mehlee xmas bradder!

    applepie : haha supastar ? in my dream ler lol

    linpeh : taikor your white kismas is the best la!!! this idea also pinjam from u also lol

  24. ahahha damn nice! MERRY XMAS!

  25. Have a lovely, fun and cozy festive weekend there! May there be many many happy returns in this merry season.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  26. eh eh, freaking 26 comments ledi! Who sed no good reception?

    Anywayz, Merry Christmaz to you and your familyz!!

  27. hi hi... finally i habiskan my homework liao, at the veli last minutes :p

  28. bm : glad u like it merry xmas to u n gwailo too!

    joeC : merry xmas!!! jom yum char !!!

    alex : 26 komens but 10 of them are mine lol

    lockee : I read ledi My sifu (Helen) says give u A+ lol

    wu : no laaa the fler notchat pay me back my RM1K + interest!!!

  29. ive got a better one. less religious content. sung to the tune of jingle bells. Also cantonese :) start from the tune *dashing through the snow* was gonna sing it and send it to you. too much trouble :) you can sing it then post it up!

    ho bin yau jek yong
    *goat beside the river*
    yong bin yau jek chiong
    *wall beside the goat*
    chiong bin yau jek ma lau jing
    *theres a monkey beside the wall*
    hou chi nei kam yong!!
    *looking just like you*
    Hey malau jing malau jing :)


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