28 December 2005

Rojaks Christmas Pikchures

Pikchures of my Christmas Celebration with Rojak's Family in no particular order :

Santa Getting High~~ on wine

Aunt Marriane trying to remove Santa's Sarong

Santa of the Year - Unc Tony

Santa in the making

Santa abit high ledi

Santa the Rapper

Time to unwrap presents!!!

Lil Devil running around mugging everyone to give him presents

Santa in the making

Oh Yeah??!! My dad gonna buy me bigger toy than you got!

Ahfu can you speed it up alredi ? I wait very long ledi ok ?

Hows Xmas ? well lets just say Xmas is mainly for kids so does CNY, for adults like me Xmas and CNY is just a time where our is wallet is being stabbed mutiple times and we will slowly bleed to death. LOL!

Anyway, I think I just lost the motivation to blog! Happy Nu Yar Peeple! Happy 2006!!! I Lebiu ALL!!!!


  1. You dont blog la, I become your Singing Manager la.We sure make bucks of monies one.

    Anyway nice happy family gathering.
    Thks for sharing

  2. THat condo looks pretty familiar!
    anywayz, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. ohmygawd naked santa damn the funnyyy

  4. I thought u r not christian...bcoz of the song..

  5. wooooooo... no pics of you ah?????

  6. 9394 : ok set!! when I begin ? where i sign up ? lol

    kampungkai : haha all condos looks alike one ler

    cyber-red : hahaha dun let your imagination run wild ok ?

    kennylee : erm ... that song is not to make fun of christian one ler ... its one of those song i learn during my chilhood, dont be offended ok ? :P

    alex : haha i screen thru ledi to make sure my face dont shows lol

  7. happy new year wingz!

  8. a bit late but merry christmas! nice pics, that santa really rocking, man!


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