13 December 2005

Working with Idiots Can and Will Kill You - This is a Fact

This is an artile sent to me by a charming lady. Hope you enjoy reading it. :P

Click on the above images to enlarge it

So, if you are working with idiots, do yourself a favor, either quit your job or fire them ( if u r capable of firing them la) life is too precious to be wasted on idiots! If u keep working there then one day your balls exploded then only u regret laaa hahaha!



  1. aiyoo..scary lerr like that. luckily my colleague no idiot one..or maybe i'm the idiot one lah..ahhahahah

  2. aiyoh, my kompany blocked blogspot.com photo servers.. sien cannot see.

    u'll have trouble migrating u know. have to reload all photos i think..

  3. aiyah!...them not stupit them not teach by thier boss or that supervisor not teach them......

    err.. rojak! u must be careful lor... if you got Bangla workermust teach them properly lor ,
    if not he (bangla) fill diesel in petrol car lor....


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