2 December 2005

The Facial Genie and 3 Girls

Knowing women, they all also wanna be pretty wan rite? That why u see the plastic surgeons all very rich wan sommo all the skin care/cosmetic products like SKII, Clinique, Loreal, Lancome, Este Lauder, Shiseido suma farkingly expensive also got peeple buy bcoz they wanna look pwetty la.

Then got this story my fwen told me wan, its about 3 girls (Ann, Jen and AhHuey with AhHuey being most Ahlian of them all) who got lost while trekking in the jungle and the stumbled upon a Facial Genie in the jungle. This Genie were trapped by the root of a very old tree and this 3 girls help free him, in return he grant them 1 wish each but he can only do facial related magic so he only can grant them a better looking face but not other things. When the Genie are freed ;

Genie : I grant u all 1 wish each, but your wish will have to be facial related otherwise i cant fulfill it. For your wish to come true all your have to do is to jump off this small cliff and say your wish out loud before you reach the ground. So, which of you wanna go first ?
Ann : I'll go first! *Ann jumped off the cliff and screamed*
Ann : I wanna look like Carina Lau the HK actresssssssssssssss
*POOF* as soon as Ann landed her face alredi looking exactly like Carina Lau. Seing Ann successfully fulfilled her wish, Jen confidently walks forward for her turn leaving AhHuey behind her.
Jen : I'll jump now *Jen jumped off the cliff as soon as she finished the sentence followed by her wish*
Jen : I wanna look like Sammie Chengggggggggggggg
*POOF* as soons as she landed she looks exactly like Sammie Cheng's twins too!
Ann : Wow! Jen you so pretty! I wish i said Sammy Cheng just now. Too kan cheong ledi so i chosen Carina Lau instead but nevermind la I m feeling so leng now
Jen : AhHuey! faster jump laaa ... no need sked wan laaa! not very high only!
AhHuey : I sked lehhh! I sked of height wan lehhh ....
Ann : You dont wanna be pretty meh ?
AhHuey : I wantttttt
Jen : Then Jump la!!!
Genie : Eh AhHuey you wanna jump anot wan ? I kena trapped here for so many years ledi I wanna go catch back my lost time leh ... if you dont want jump then i wanna chow liow *Genie getting impatient liow*
AhHuey : wait wait!!! I jump I jump .....
*Hesitantly AhHuey try to convince herself to jump but she just cant do it, then Ann thot of a way to help AhHuey jump*
Ann : AhHuey!!!
AhHuey : What ?
Ann : If you close your eyes when you jump then you wont be afraid laaa bcoz u cant see the height!
AhHuey : ORRR!!! i think you are rite! my eyes are closed now and i dont feel afraid at all
Jen : Then faster jump la!!!
*AhHuey dashed towards the cliff hoping to get this over with ASAP, prior to that she alredi thot of the face she wanted. She wanted to look like Jessica Alba bcoz she like blonde blonde type. Bcoz she cant see with her eyes closed she accidently step on this pile of shit left by the babi hutan just a few feet from the cliff. That actually caused her to slipped and panic and forgot everything bout Jessica Alba.As she is trying to regain balance its alredi too late and she is going down the cliff *
*POOF!!!* and the Genie is gone!




  1. face looking like cibai also not too bad lah!

  2. lol... Some men are less fussy one... as long as the lady got ....... now summore 2 wor... bonus!

  3. oh my god! that's dreadful news... but it's so freakin funny!

  4. bwhahaaha, curse you rojakz, nearly burst out laughing in the office, ppl is looking at me weird!


  5. LOL!! Yeahlor.. bonus. Can fuck up n down somemore. Muahaha!!

  6. lol
    maybe that genie cannot turn her become c*bai so the genie ran away already....no reference mah

  7. accually the face did not change ma!
    that genie do facial only... dunno
    cibai means.....
    she got normal face but 4 lobangat bor-tem

  8. Very good for 69 mah.

  9. oh hooo!! chibaaiiii!!

  10. Dear Wingz,

    You have been officially..... TAGGED! kekeke, please visit my site for details. Thank you!


  11. wuching : wuahahahaha now we all know u like girl with cibai face liow!

    helen : but later when period kam face also kena use pad one wor ... fugly lerr

    disco : elo! eh 1st time komenting ka ?

    joeC : mahai if lu kena fire dont kam find me hor

    crazy: wuah ... i like~~~

    yhtan : no lar.. the genie ran away bcoz he alredi fulfilled their wishes mah so mai gone lo

    pisang : the genie will change her face only she said cibai then turn her face into cibai lo

    5xmom : 69??? which hole to lick ar ?

    ahpek : haha lu very sexcited when see cibai face also ka ?


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