29 December 2005

Neighbourhood Pub with Ahbeng Bartender

Its New Year eve, Loke and Meng were looking for a small pub to do their new year countdown. After searching for sometime they finally found this Cina Ahpek style mia pub, and its getting late both of them also tired from the days work so they decided to spend their new year eve in this pub.

They walked in and noticed that all the table were taken, so they headed toward the bar and took a seat each. Loke ordered a jug of Heineken beer for Meng and himself from The Botak Bartender. While waiting for their beer they started some small talk.

Loke : Meng i heard you just join MCA wor .... looks like u finally wanna masuk politik huh ?
Meng : Aiyah at first I thot i anna join MIC one but they dunwan accept me.
Loke : Why MIC dunwan accept lu ?
*Before Meng could answer that question the botak bartender bring their jug of Heineken beer with 2 glass*
Botak Bartender : Eh you two must be new here, here knot tok politik wan laaa, I dunwan kena ISA lokap ok ?
Loke : ok ok soli ....
*Botak Bartender go bek to work*
Meng : what laaa!! tok politik also knot! what pub is this la diuu...
Loke : nebermind nebermind we tok other things la, I dunwan kena kick out leh
Meng : Eh Loke you christian right ?
Loke : yar I thot u know I christian what ?
Meng : I know lar but i dunno u what kinda christian katolik ka or the other one ?
Loke : Katolik lar...
Meng : eh good ... I always wanna ask bout the Pope one, People got tell me that the Pope .......
*The Botak Bartender suddenly show up in the middle of the conversation*
The Botak Bartender : Oi Oi!!! no tok religion, here very sensitive tok religion. Last time got geng fight after toking religion.
Loke : Mahai tok politik knot, tok religion knot THEN TOK SEX CAN ANOT???!!!!!
The Botak Bartender : Tok sex can lar .....


  1. diuuu...better come to my favourite kopitiam. any fuck oso can talk.

  2. before i forget,


  3. wahhh, manyik violance lei... got fight anot... after that sex also knot tok lar.. kekeke

  4. happy new year wor. make sure u make many many duit. not just talk sex.

  5. Brother Wingz,
    I take this opportunity to wish you a good year ahead and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S - Continue your fantastic effort in rocking the Blogsphere


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