28 December 2005

Walker - Portable Speaker for Notebook Computers and Mp3 Players

Nah, this is not what i got for xmas. I just wanna share this foldable little portable speaker I got myself about a month away from Mines IT Center, Mines Shopping center. Apart from being totally portable this little pair of speaker does provides lotsa bangs for your bucks.

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Opens up and unfold a pair of Portable Stereo Speakers

This foldable portable speaker really redefine the meaning of portable. You swivel it to expose the other half of the speaker. The footprint for this little pair of speaker is very very small when folded together, its really a space savers especially if space is a limitation. It will fit nicely into any briefcase or lugage.

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The Package - Portable Speaker, Audio Wire, and a USB Power Wire.

The complete package comes with the Walker speaker, an audio wire and an USB power wire. No driver no fuss of that kind, just plug and listen away. The quality of the sound are nothing to shout about and at max volume it sounded like a person singing thru a megaphone (those type of microphone my headmaster will use during our skool assembly back in 1980s') but at low and mid volume this little pair of speakers is not bad at all. Kinda weak on bass but treble is crispy enough.

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Audio and Power Jack on the hinges of the speaker

Volume amplification are pretty high, I dare not blast the speaker with max volume for long but i reckon this speaker would actually explode if would blast it at max volume over a period of time. Built quality are somewhere mediocre but no very filmsy but at that kinda price I m not complaining,

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Yep! It can even be powered by 3 pcs of AAA battery

This is really the best part, this pair of foldable speakers can actually be powered by 3 pcs of AAA battery! how cool it that! i mean, now you can listen to your mp3 from your portable mp3 player like Ipod, muvo, creative zen etc ... with a pair of portable speakers !! Cool huh ? hehe

All in all, it cost me RM23.90 for the whole package. At that kinda price what more can i ask for ? So goan get yourself a pair of Walker portable speakers (if you need any) before they (the vendors) read this review and decided to hike up the price.

No, I m not getting paid for this altho i pretty much wish someone would do so hahaha!



  1. buy me one wingz! ;)

  2. old oredi oso got present ka?? ehhehehehhehehe

  3. wuching : ok nx xmas can ar ?

    applepie : its not xmas present ler

  4. i tot xmas present. i got wrong lah ..soli eheheheheheh

  5. i know adi. u kenot lie to me. i damn 9 smart.

    u are the menu-fracture-ring for the walker steriod speaking.


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