19 December 2005

King Con! ops ... I mean King Kong!

Those of you who watched King Kong the Movie already should remember this scene, this is the scene where Kong battle the T-Rex and Naomi Watts who act as Ann Darrow got caught in the middle.

Seriously, the movie is not bad at all even tho the movie is kinda long (3 freaking hours). There is only 1 very obvious thing that made the whole movie seems so oh-so-fake, its Naomi Watts!

What bout her you asking ? if u notice carefully hor, she can run like crazy chicken trying to get away from Kong, drop several hundred meters down a valley, ran away from those T-Rexs, grabbed by Kong's dirty hands (Kong walks with his hands one ok ? and dont tell me its not dirty at all), swing here swing there, didge this climb that and her face is still very the clean!! still looks OH-SO-PWETTY! which is totally unacceptable!!! where is alil bit of logical common sense here ? This film is made by big name wei! the same director who made Lord of the Ring!!! How can they neglected this minor detail huh ? Dem kaw fake isnt it ?

See for yourself, look at Naomi's face .... this scene is where the hero ngam ngam rescued her from the hand of KingKong, after all the strugglings he face still spotless!! Can straight away join Miss World Beauty peagent also! hahaha!! i think hair also still nicely intact leh lol!

Then the Last scene where Kong were running berzerk in the city thrashing cars and buildings before Naomi Watts turned up. Her dress ... blardee white, dont tell me Kong didnt dirty his hands while he is doing all the thrashing and killing hor ? how come at the end of the movie the dress still remain so white-ish ar ? camera tirck har ? kakakaka .... makai this movie they fast fast wanna finish it so can make money fast fast .... no heart wan ... simply tembak only!!!

Anyway, ignore me pls.... I just want the traffic only. everybody is writing about King Kong and I just wanted a piece of the pie myself WUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!




  1. why ur adsense so big wan...

  2. lucky the big ape and rex is not in china... sure kena makan before can make any noise! bwhahahaha! cheers.

  3. Anonymous4:37 pm

    wassup, just visitin. haha, so funny, u got my traffic! Check out this review tho, i thot it sucked but it made me think again:


  4. dude.. heard u r from Kajang huh? am i glad or wat!

    Eh, u can join the movie critics d la! i wonder whether it's kingkong who gave her a slim body (squashed all the time in hands). King Kong, please squash me too?? please??

  5. tiu.. i think more or less like new garment is out for grab. stainless dress...

  6. yeah...ann thought she can be the quenn kong huh?

  7. KY : got guru told me say put big big to make ppl easy to click ler

    joec : haha kingkong brain very "pou" rite ?

    paul : well i do agree this movie's entertainment value is very high but when it comes from Peter Jackson I m expecting near perfection. hehe at the end of the day i guess it still up to the individual on what he/she wanna see right ? :)

    Kampungkai : Yar opis in Kajang but i live somewhere else. I join movie critics ? kakaka later kena throw rotten eggs lol you want king kong to squash your balls anot lol!!!

    frostier : u mean like those of dockers one ar ? wuah 1930s wor ... got so advance anot ar ?

    kennylee : haha queen kong ... nice one!

  8. good observation there, wingz. i agree with you whole-heartedly. this is the spolier for the movie. i mean the originality is not there. if only peter jackson messed up naomi watts' hair, face, dress, then ada sikit originality lah.

  9. Nothing to comment coz I won't watch King KOng!! lol

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  11. hi there ... ur observation is perfection perhaps its easier to spot the negativity ... i do agree on that thou but .. i do remember than the kong did not grab her head nor do the rexes .... aniway if she look bad the main focus will be on kong too much and publicity will entirely will be on kong and the star won't star in another money making movie loh .... i mean another motive of any movie is to make a person to be a STAR mah ... but brother .. just my POV don fire me la ... k .. ciao !!! oh sorry for my so long crap .. a bit high o.O^


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