22 December 2005

2 Seater Plane Crashed in the Himalayan

My first attempt on beekambing a journalist, I wrote this article about a plane crash that happened in the Himalayan weeks ago and mail it to SEE-AN-AN, I havent got any response from them yet so I thot why let a good article go to waste right ? then I post it up for you all to enjoy lor ..... :)

india up in the Himalaya moutains theres a small village with only less than 200 population by the name of Tumjab (I made up one lar dont bother looking in Google map) this town is very da primitive wan, they dunch habe TV or lehlio. Skool also dunch habe, so this is why the people there abit supa IQ wan. 99% of them never left the small village befoh also, they spent most their life up there in the Himalaya flying kites, humping goats and chasing bears.

Buden one day got this 2 seaters plane with 2 peeples inside (i think its called Cessna single engine propeller plane) crashed onto their ancestor's burial ground (cementary/graveyard la). The plane exploded on impact and the whole village mia peeples come out n see, its like Chinese New Year fireworks show lidat.

After they realise the fire would actually spread to their village they all begin to work together passing buckets of water to put out the fire. After the fire were gone they beging to clear the wreckage and look for the bodies in the wreckage. By the time i receive this repot the Himalayans alredi found 150 bodies and they are still digging for more ......



  1. mahai! like that oso you can ah?

  2. aaggghhhhh.... *faints*

  3. WTF..


  4. Good reporting.... bet CNN has already contacted you to join them. lol


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