16 December 2005

Why Do you Wanna Work here ?

Im not in charge of Human Resources Department, but this morning the fler in charge is on emergency leave and there is a lady in the office whois waiting to be interviewed. Since she is already in the office we cant really ask her to come again another day so I ask Natalie to give me her application form, studied it for a few minutes and then I ask Natalie to bring her into my office for the interview.

She came in, sat down and I asked her bout those normal stuffs like, Where you work before, whats your pay like, why you leave, whats your responsibilities in your previous job, where do you wanna go from here etc ...

Then I noticed something abit strange, shes living in Kajang and all her previous employers also in and around Kajang town, why this time she wanna come all the way to Sungai Long to work ? Fearing there is something wrong and also to satisfy my curiousity I asked her this

Me : I noticed that most of your previous job are in and around your home, why is it this time you chosen to travel further to go to work ?
She : So that I can drive
Me : What ??!! Do you have a car ?
She : No, not yet. That is why I want to work abit further than my home so that i can have excuse to purchase a car and gets to drive it to work. I earned enough money to purchase a car but I dont have the purchase it as do not have a need for it yet.
Me : You mean you purposely wanna work in Sungai Long because you wanna own and drive a car ?
She : Yes.
Me : *Foaming at the mouth*

Like this also can !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHH!!!! MCH! this world is fulla weird peeples!!!

*PS: I alredi stuffED her job application form into the paper shredder



  1. keh keh keh will u ask her that much if she looks like Christy Chung?

  2. haha.. Helen hit the nail on the head. And maybe the job applicant must be more lengchai than wingz? buahaha!

  3. helen : erm ... physical outlook dont influence my judgement whether I will be employing her anot one ler ... I once employed a lady who looks like ling chin hsia but her attitude sucks!! I learnt my lesson.

    mahaguru : aiyo the applicant is a lady ler .. how to be more lengjai than me ? lol

    Frostier : Employ u for what post ar? Duah Kang is what/where ?

  4. waah some ppls really need to be stuffed like turkey liao! lol

    errr... unkle wingz, have you completed the food meme? just wondering. Thanks.

  5. aiyoh lawaknyaaa

  6. So chi sin oso got. Ask her be taxi driver la.

  7. Physical outlook can help make up for bad attitude mah! Bwhahahhaha.

  8. joeC : food meme? notchet ler .. still getting inspiration for that meme, its so easy but so hard! lol

    RETA : I got more, wait till i wrote bout them this one is just the most redicolous i ever heard!

    surfnux : trust me when i say human being is getting weirder

    5xmom : haha good idea! maybe i shud call her and tell her that!

    james : hahaha nx time i sending u those pretty candidates laa


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