21 December 2005

Marriage Certificate

Ahpek and Ahhuei has been married for 35 years alredi as of last October. One night Ahhuei caught Ahpek wakeup from bed in the middle of the night "kwai kwai shee shee" goan look for something in the closet.

Ahhuei pretend to be still sleeping as she wanna know what Ahpek is looking for, after a while Ahpek seems to have found what he is looking for. Ahhuei look at the clock and it was 2am in the morning, after a while of watching Ahhuei dozed off again without knowing it herself.

By the time Ahhuei wokeup she realised that its alredi 6am she then looks around for signs of Ahpek and realised Ahpek is still at the same spot looking at the same thing. Curious, Ahhuei get out of the bed and walks towards Ahpek to see what he is doing.

Ahhuei : Ahpek what you doing la middle of nite wakeup
Ahpek : I kenot sleep la then i suddenly remembered something so I wakeup to look for it lar
Ahhuei : Look for what ?
Ahpek : nothing la you go back to sleep dont kacau me.
Ahhuei : Eh ... what are you doing with our Marriage Certificate ah Ahpek ? U been looking at this certificate for the last 4 hours ??!!!
Ahpek : Ya lar why knot look one ka ?
Ahhuei : What you looking for in our Marriage Certificate ?
Ahpek : I dunwan tell you .. later u scold me, I not so stupid
Ahhuei : Dont lidat ler lowkung .... tell me ler ... i plomised i wont scold you one.
Ahpek : you sure anot ? dont bluff 9 me wor
Ahhuei : Sure la ...
Ahpek : ok lar I trust u ...
Ahhuei : Then faster tell me what you are looking for in this Marriage Certificate laaa
Ahpek : Actually I am looking for an Expiry Date on this certificate ler why dont have one laaa...


  1. Hahahahahaha!! Blady good one again!!!! Damn syiok your jokes.

  2. wakkakakkakaka..i oso want to check my marriage certificate got expiry date or not

  3. yalah if barang-barang got manufactured date and expiry date, then marriage cert having the marriage date, should have expiry date too.

    good one, wingz!

  4. Gud one! Ahaks!!

  5. I think it automatically expire when you do.

  6. Muuuaahahahaha!!! Good 1.
    Actually, I dun have to worry about expiry date.
    I smarter, 'coz I signed in pencil.

  7. lb : wuah tenkiu vehlee much! glad you enjoyed this one

    applepie : u also kahwinED ledi one ka ?

    lucia : thanks ... how nice if marriage got expiry date lol !!!

    frost : SShhh ... dont say so loud!!! secret!!

    fashionasia : wuah nid to curse me lidat mehhh

    cocka : wuah mch ... dem smart you!!! nx time when our buddy mau kahwin I must give him erasable pen to sign with liow lol!!

  8. Life is like a packet of peanuts. Have a nice day! Cheers!ok

  9. Wei, marriage did not go through QC how to give expiry date ler?? Without QC, some hardware are already defective. Needs stringent tests and product testing to be carried out first ..... so, expiry or no expiry makes no difference. lol

    Lagi pun Buatan Malaysia and now Made in China where got quality one?? ** roll eyes**

  10. Helen : eh i thot u got do test drive b4 u buy one ? test drive ledi kira like QC check also laaaa hahaha and according to the gomen regulations all perishable & edible goods shud have expiry date mah ... human is edible n perishable also wat ? LOL!

  11. HOHOHOHO, Ya hor, got Used by date anot ha? Wait I go check mine.

  12. i starting to wonder where do you got all these jokes......?

  13. *walks to the wall
    *bang my head on the wall
    *walk to toilet, cos i laugh till tummy very pain lol!

  14. 9394 : wuah kembang la aku kena puji lol

    5xmom : used by ? hahaha if dont use by then will go basi one lol!!!

    kennylee : Books, email, real life experiences, current events etc etc ... why you wondering huh ?

    kampungkai : hahaha so teruk meh ? kena bang head on the wall pulak lol


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