13 December 2005

See If You Could Punch My Hand

Ahbeng is the cina version of Pak Pandir so automatically u also know Ahbeng mia IQ level is how high lar ... now we come to the story.

One day Ali wanna make fun of Ahbeng, so he walked up to Ahbeng and says this to him :

Ali : Ahbeng lets play a game want anot ?
Ahbeng : wuah game har ?? i like! kam kam tell me what game ?
Ali : ini majiam wan, I put my hand on this wall, then u see if you can punch my hand ok ?
Ahbeng : alah I know wan, you will move you hand when i punch u betul tak ?
Ali : eh no lar I wont move one ..... if you dont belif you punch laa

*Ahbeng punched but ali withdrew his hand and Ahbeng hand ended in terrible pain*

: Mahchauhai !!!! you bluff kaw me !!!!
Ali : kakakaka aduh kelakarnye!!! Ahbeng you really belif I will let u punch my hand one ka ? kakakaka bodohnye!!!!

*Ali then walks away luffing his ass off*

Ahbeng then walks away with a painful hand, he passing this field when he saw his frend Mutu suddenly this evil thot came to his mind and he wanna play the same trick on Mutu. He fast fast call Mutu.

Ahbeng : Mutu Mutu!!
Mutu : Dei Ahbeng ape jerit jerit ? lu ingat ini cite hindustan ka ?
Ahbeng : No lar i got this new game i wanna share with you mah, I sked you chow liow so I call u wait for me lar
Mutu : hah ? what game so excited wan lu ?
Ahbeng : Just now Ali play with me very fun wan leh .... so now i teach u how to play lar wan anot ?
Mutu : Want la but u tell me how to play 1st lar
Ahbeng : lidis wan, I put my hand on a wall and then u try to punch my hand ok ?
Mutu : wuah lu mau tipu saya ka ? later you move your hand how ??
Ahbeng : I promised lu lar I wont move wan .... you dont trust me meh ?
Mutu : hmm ... ok la I trust lu ... come come lets play
Ahbeng : Aiyah .... we in the middle of a padang laaa where got wall here ??
Mutu : then how ? knot play ledi har ?
Ahbeng : AAHHH!!! nebermind!!! I got idea! instead of wall I will use my face! i will put my hand against my face and you see if can punch my hand anot ok?


  1. HAHAHA this ahbeng mia IQ really high!!!

  2. diuu... lidat kind of story oso you can write.

  3. a good lesson for me, so that nex time I wun kena trick by Ali coz i duno y IQ got as high as AhBeng anot..

  4. haha.. long time i din read a good jokes.. tengkiu u..

  5. cindy : ahbeng are well known for being smart mah lol

    Wuching taikor: ahbeng so high ? how high ? kakakaka

    ahpek : can lar mahai this one rojaks blog mah ... i know my story sucks lar but dont bully me plz ... i budak baru belajar oni lol

    youngbrat : u memang got a frend name Ali one ka ? what bout Mutu ?

    surfnux : watch out for fler call Ali n Mutu in Sg wei!

    sengkor : Tenkiu!! glad you enjoyed the joke ler ...

  6. c2pid la dammit!! wahaha... i did not expect it would ended in such a way...

  7. Anonymous10:42 pm

    this joke was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing...it makes me think back those time when i was small..anyway, i wasn't as silly as Ah beng..:P


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