30 December 2005

Rojaks New Year Resolution - The one that doesnt exist

Its that time of the year again, lotsa peeples is busy making their resolution for 2006 but I m a bit different. I never made any resolutions, maybe subconciously i had made a few but nevertheless it was forgotten as soon as its made lol!

Why i dunwan make new year resolution ah ? Actually I got make la ... my new year resolution is the same very year which is "NO RESOLUTION" hahaha! why for make resolution that i m not gonna keep anyway ? I m too much of a loose canon and i dont think i can live happily thru-out the entire year being bounded by a few resolutions that i made without knowing what might happen further in the future.

Buden, after reading so much of what others bloggers wrote I would imagine what would be my New Year Resolution IF I am forced at gun point to make one.

1. Quit smoking! - Tho u got watch in TV (last time) that smoking is cool and will make u very the yau yeng, its all bullshit/lies !!! smoking will give u bad smelly breast breath, stained tooth, sore throat, lung cancer and finally slow and painful death. Dispite all that, peeple still continue smoking .... really "Mm jai see" one! that actually includes me of coz. I figured, either i gave up smoking or i goan burn all those cigarette producing companies down whichever is easier lol

2. Stop buying pirated stuffs - Including mp3, vcd, dvd, software etc. Nowadays if u go eat at food court, during your 30 minutes meal you will get around 30 vcd peddlers storming to your table bugging you with all the vcds/dvds movies. The got everything from the latest movies till the very the adult movies and at RM6 bucks a piece i reckon they are making RM3 bucks for each vcd they sold.

Why i dun wanna buy from them ? I know this guy who make cds for a living, CD are just a piece of plastic with a coat of reflective metals on them. He is selling them out at RM0.20-RM0.40 a piece depending on the quality, so u count yourself la ... 2 cds with 2 pcs of printed papers and 1 plastic bag how much only their cost ? less than RM1 and they are selling for RM6!! So, now you know why they keep kambing bek even tho the polis alredi tangkap them over n over again la, who dunwan to do ? mahai so high profit leh !!!! better than selling Feng Tau pills!!!

3. Stop saying - Crappy New Year to the flers that i dont like LOL! You know how Happy and Crappy sounds alike when u say it fast enuff ? This is what i used to say to those "sohais 2 face cibais" that i dont like, instead of Kung Hei Fatt Choy I will say "CRAPPY NEW YEAR to you !!!" ok so this year i m not gonne do that anymore (hahahaha ... try n stop me)

4. Stop picking on timid staffs - his one i really cant help it. I dunno why but my staffs are very very afraid of me wan. I once asked a girl "Why u got problem like this so long ago now only you tell me ?" she answered "sorry I am very afraid of you" mahai u say laaa!! like this mia answer also got! So from that day onwards I know they are are bloody sked of me and i go around the place terrorizing them hahahaha. I realised I got talent in this terrorizing thingy, all i need to do is to walk around and you will see all those worker all panic ledi lol .... most of the time this is very teh fun lol but ok lar maybe this year i try to turn on a new leaf, maybe i will even try to be their frend also hahaha ...

5.Pay more attention to my career and chat less in msn and irc, in 2005 i didnt put much effort in taking my career to a new height, unlike all the previous year this year is totally stale. Dint feel like i achieved much career wise. This is also the year i discovered blogs, and I started one in Jan 2005! I think I paid too much attention to blogs and bloggings ledi, thats why my career is going no where in 2005. Starting fron 2006 i kena be more displin and must plektis time management, not to mention type faster too (so i can finish my post faster lol)

6.This year must seriously find a place to migrate to ledi in the near future, the grass in this part of the world is turning yellowish ledi .... I dont like yellowish grass so kena find greener grass to chew on or else will die starving pretty soon. 2005 is a bad year for small businesses and i dont foresee 2006 is gonna be much different from 2005 either, so peeples ikat that belt kuat kuat!!! hang on! the ride gonna be pretty bumpy in 2006!

7. Money is not everything BUT without money you got nothing! yea, find more ways to make money! Money no enuff especially if you got an entire family on your back. Hopefully can turn pro blogging very soon and can live on adsense income alone like the rest of probloggers. *hints*

8. Lose alotsa weight!!! like 30 kilos !!!! i figured that if I stop eating now, by the end of 2006 i might be able to achieve my target of 30 kilos weight lost LOL!! either that or I would be 6 feet under, whichever come first.

9. Find a Lauya college - and buy myself a MBA, then frame it up and hang in my opis. I think with all those offers i got in my email account, I can get a MBA for less than RM1000 .... maybe can get a Doctorate for myself then u all kena call me Lokter Wingz liow lol

-More to add later tonite now i go do my work 1st-

Continuation - Post from home

10. Call Astro and fark 9 them - been subscribing to Astro for almost 5 yrs now, whenever the commercials come up the volume will suddenly increase and sked the shit outta me! I dunno whether this is only happening to my decoder or unirversally its lidat. I checked with my frends before they response is also the same. What da fark is Astro trying to do ? some kinda physicologyical tactics so make us more aware of their ads ?? WTF?? I m paying to watch movies and dramas not to watch your knnccb commercials !!!

11. Stop abusing the neighbour's cats - stop setting traps and poison baits for the stupid annoying unattended, garbage digging cats that roamed into my garden to shit all over the place. From this point onwards I will TRY to be nice with them, setting up proper trap to trap them and send them to SPCA and have them put to SLEEP!!! WUAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! DIE CAT DIE !!!! ops ... excuse me ... thinking of the plan got me carried away lol, I actually love cats wan haha!

12. Stop teaching Lil Devil to ogle at lenglui and whistle Pheeweettt when a lenglui pass us.

13. Start Behaving - like a proper parents and stop teaching Lil Devil to swear at the peeple of my choice LMAO!

14. I need to take - up yingrish night class to brush up my yirngirsh so i can blog better.

15. Stop buying more toys for myself and start buying educational toys for Lil Devil. When I go shop with Lil Devil for toys, we always ended up with toys that i wanna have instead of what Lil Devil actually wanted. I know this is wrong but HAVE YOU BEEN TO TOYS 'R' US before? I just cant stand the seduction of a well stock toy store!!! You cant blame me ok! I dont have much toys to play with during my chilhood!! lol~

16. Time to visit Yun Nam Hair Care Center, hair line is getting thinner n thinner, its either Yun Nam Hair Care Centre or Wigs shop very soon lol

Unlike my buddy Ahpek who still can remain sane even after the ups n downs I think I m going insane ledi not to mention my sense of humour, I need this blog to make sure that my sense of humour is still intact, otherwise i couldnt tell the different bcoz I alredi gone cuckoo-ED haha!

Have a Great Year ahead! Happy New Year 2006!



  1. LOL, make your resolutions work la. So, first resolution is to start a resolution.

    Happi New Year, Uncle. I lafu you too.

  2. write so cheong hei one sure no time to work lar, dius! oh, hapi new year ;)

  3. resolutions ? never make them as i know i wont start.

    On diet for like 6 mths and still the same weight. How ? Chap Siao Lar.

    Happy New Year Lokter

  4. wah...you type this in office! BERANI BETUL U!
    *calling your boss hp*

  5. Wah lau eh, got so many resolutions. Like serious, man.

  6. Happy New Year Wingz!! Wish you have a fantastic 2006!! :)

  7. You getting old la.... so cheong hei.

    Btw, Kenny Lee... call his "Boss" means call his wife .. wah, you got jalan with his wife is it?

  8. Seeing you so Long Air and no play play I think I myself do a proper resolution or I no grass to eat in year 2006

    I wish you year 2006 'Step Step High Star' and Dragon Horse Sperm God'

  9. 5xmom : resolutions are made to be broken kakakaka

    god : sshhh dont say so loudddd

    buaya69 : oi mana lu hilang lediii

    foodcrazee : hahaha jom we make one diet blog lol

    kennylee : donttttt tuk my puijekkkkkkk lol

    viewtru : wuah taikor very the welokam !!! my resolution same like the rest of my life .. all craps lol

    justin : haha not Dr wingz ler its Lokter Wingz lol

    crazygrr| : tenkiu i lebiu!!

    wu : that list do not exist in real life one lol that list made for blogging only

    9294 : lidis also u say no play play ka ? *berpeluh* lol

  10. So many resolution one?? You need so many changes meh?? LOL One at a time lar.... but this is a good post!! Talking about Astro, the most dulan DNMCH thing is when I see them pimping their own blardy mono ringtones and those inspirational sms!! DNMH, really digging for money everywhere! Hope there are not many sohai outhere paying so much for those ringtones and stupid sms! Read your blog more inspiring!

    Take care!!

  11. ***
    Call Astro and fark 9 them

    i also wan to fark 9 them.
    must gather alot of pepples infront of their guard house only they sked wan.


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