6 December 2005

The Tax Collector

One day Ahpek the Tax collector kam to KL, hes very excited bout his 1st LRT ride. Unfortunately for him as he stands too near to the rails someone actually pushed him and he fell down into the rail.

Lotsa ader passengers saw that and they offer him a hand, "GIMME YOUIR HAND!!!" says the crowd, strangely Ahpek refused to grab their hands to safety. Crowds began around and everyone was curious why Ahpek will not grab their hand to safety.

Sardenlee, outta no where Eggy pushed thru the kehpohchees surrounding the place. Eggy asked Ahpek.
Eggy : What do you work as?
Ahpek: Inkam tax collector from LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri)
Eggy : Eh lidis harr!! faster "TAKE MY HAND" anoder train kambing ledi!
*Ahpekfast fast grabbed Eggy's hand and was hauled to safety.*

Those kehpohchees were amazed and a few of them step forward to congratulates Eggy and asked him.

Kehpohchees : How you made him to take your hand ? we all been trying for so many times but he refused to budge. You terror la!!!
Eggy: DIUUU !!! you all memang SOHAIS!! he working in Inkam Tax Dept. You dont ask Inkam Tax peeples to GIVE you anything wan la!!! You must ask him to TAKE! you peeples ask him to give u his hand he mana want ??? u ask him to take your hand laaa!!!


  1. ahem! you die lah! tomolo i cum to your opis chek your incum. better get ready big cup kopi-o for me, if not i tax you deep deep.

  2. ahpek I m a minimum wage eaner ler ... not taxable wan ... petrol pump attendant only. :P

  3. diu... if I was leally there... I would have let him kena hantam by a train lah... I also would have push more Inkam Tax people down the rail!

    maham! they only know how to take my mani onli...KNN!

  4. yes agreed with ah pek, must check wingz income can buy new car wor! with attendant's gaji ke? must audit, must audit!

  5. oie, rojakz, ini punya post tyre puncit ler.. never mind, sure got a few fei-kay wan, like football la. cheers!

  6. Call ah pek to check ah wing,
    maybe he earn a lot of money but didn't report to LHDN...hehe(joking only)

  7. muakakaka, incum tax....

  8. Ha Ha ha Ha good one....

    BTW, better check with ah pek tomorrow he comes to check your incum or income.... If income then he'll interview your accountant.... but, if incum, he'll interview your bini already lor!!

  9. aiyoh...... why hate tax people....
    they 're innocent oso.
    if u wan hate... hate at gar-men lor kos they set very high tax oso
    increase fuel pe-lice....

    opss wingz mas veli happy now...


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