22 December 2005

Christmas Gift for Grandson

Richard is calling his daughter (Mary) to check whether she, her hubby and their son is coming back to celebrate Christmas in the Kampung.

Richard : Mary are you gonna celebrate christmas with us this year ?
Mary : Yes Pa, we already made arrangement to be back in Ipoh to celebrate christmas with you and mum this christmas.
Richard : I am very happy to hear that Mary! I want to go buy my grandson Nikki a Christmas present, tell me what kinda toys he would like to have ?
Mary : Pa, Nikki is only 2 years old, he dont really know how to play with toys yet. We already got him lotsa educational toys so I dont think you should bought him any toys, I rather you bought him something useful like Scott's cod liver's emulsion oil or Vitamins for kids that would be great for his health ler Pa.
Richard :like that har ? ok ok I will buy him some vitamins for him to consume while hes here, is that ok ?
Mary : Sure Pa, look I got to go now I'll see you at home on Christmas eve ok Pa ?
Richard : Ok Mary, take care Mum and I will be waiting for your arrival.

After Richard hang up the phone he took the key to his car and went shopping for vitamins for his grandson. He just cant wait as this is the 1st time Nikki is spending Christmas with them in Ipoh. After a while of walking around in Jusco he managed to locate a pharmacy that sells vitamins for children. Richard walks around the pharmacy looking for what he want but there is one problem .... you see Richard did not even finish his primary education so actually he is illiterate. Unable to get what hes looking for, frustrated he walks to the Pharmacist to get help.

Richard : Hiya, Im looking for vitamins for kids can you show me where is those vitamins situated ?
Pharmacist: They are on the first shelf on the left entrance.
Richard : I m sorry but can you shw me where ? I m not good with directions.
Pharmacist : I m sorry sir but I am not allowed to leave this counter, but they are pretty easy to locate.
Richard : I told you ledi !! I m not good with directions (Richard trying to hide the fact that he cant really read)
Pharmacist : Ok sir, I guessed I can keave this counter for a few minutes, but only for a few minutes ok ?
Richard : Good then lead the way.
*They arrived at the shelf displaying lotsa children's vitamin*
Pharmacist : Sir its all here, I got to go back to the counter now.
Richard : Wait wait!!! I want you to recomend me some children's vitamin thats good before you go.
Pharmacist : But sir, I gotta go back to the counter now
Richard : Do you want to me to talk to your boss ?
Pharmacist : ok ok lets get this done with ASAP, I dont wanna get caught being away from my counter! I could get fired for this so make it quick ok ?
Richard : OK so recomend me some vitamin for my grandson.
Pharmacist : What kinda vitamin do you want ? A, B or C ?
Richard : WTF!!! does it matters ??!!! hes only 2 year old!!! he cant read alphabets yet!!!!
Pharmacist :



  1. Yet another good laff! Thanks =)

  2. sighhh... why your friend all so bodoh one?

  3. akakkakkakakkaka...all of them bodoh ka?? :D

  4. LB : thanks .. very happe u enjoyed it lerrr

    ahpek : haha bcoz hor ... only by mixing with stupid peeples i will feel smarter mahh kakakaka

    frostier : wuah how come u know so much things bout me wan !!!! but feather feather i dont play ler ... dem kaw gay

    applepie : not all la .. at least i m smarter kakaka

  5. Ha Ha Ha poor man!!


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