16 December 2005

Collection of Pictures I got in my Nokia Handphone

Lil Devil at Tiara Beach Resort Port Dickson Reception

Sexy Lenglui Lober in Asia Cafe
Lake View from Fatty Crab Restaurant around Mines

Lil Devil at Seven Swords

Lao Ma Chi - Chinese eatery in Low Yat's basement

Sunset at MRR2 Highway

Gifts From DiGi

Koi Pond at Night

Lenglui from the Office

Black Tip Shark Staring at you

Ex Secretary turned Best Frend - Lucy

Natural Smiley Face on Door Frame

Pebbles the dog

Lil Devil on a See-Saw

Impul March .... its Nissan actually

Lil Monster - My Kaijai


  1. Wingz,

    I WANT PEBBLES! I WANT PEBBLES!! I love Beagles!!!!!!

    Wei, weekend free ler..... I tagged you!!
    ** quickly run for cover..... with pebbles**

  2. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Wuaahh lots of nice pictures. Lil Devil is sooo cute. Koi Pond nice. My used to be best relaxing place at my uncle's home recently.

  3. helen : hahaha Beagles are bloody playful and they arent obidient!!!! dont get one!!! ARGHH!!!

    surfnux : hehe yea how nice if its mine lol

    frostier : which one ?


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