16 December 2005

Very Effective Diet Program

Bedah is overweight, she wanna lose weight desperately if she is gonna fit in her sexy dress which she bought for her prom nite which is, one month away. She tried all kinda diet programs but none worked so far, outta idea she went to Doctor Lee for advice. Anyway the below conversation took place :

Bedah : Doc! Doc! help me! I need to lose weight very fast and I only got one month to do so. please help me Doc!!
Doc Lee : Calm down bedah calm down! lemme run some test on you first

*A while later*

Doc : Well Bedah i got good news for you, you body seems to be in perfect conditions. So you can follow my diet program that will guarantee to lose 5 kilo by the end of this month.
Bedah : 5 kilo!!! Doc sure anot ?? please tell me how Doc please!
Doc : Calm down and listen carefully, this diet program is very simple only. All you have to do is to eat like you would normally would for a day then skip for a day, do that alternatively for 14 days and I will see you and access your condition again to see how is your progress ok ?
Bedah : Skip 1 day ??!!! betul ke Doc ?
Doc : *Ya! skip, you know skip ? Which part of skip do you not understand ? If you dunno the meaning of skip, go back and look into the dictionary! *Sigh* no wonder the newspaper is saying our students are totally useless when it comes to english!
Bedah : ok Doc I will be back 14 days later.
*Bedah go home and check the Dictionary for the word skip, after she understand the meaning of the word she proceed with her diet program as per Doc Lee instructions*

*14 Days later ......*

Bedah : Hi Doc! I am back!! and I am so happy!!
Doc : WOW! you looked like you lost more than 5 kilo!!!
Bedah : Yes Doc I lost 20 kilos!!! I am so happy!! your diet program are fantastic!! I must admit its a bit tough in the beginning, especially on the 4th day I thought I am gonna die alredi! but luckily with strong will power I managed to survive the ordeal.
Doc : What happened on the 4th day ? too hungry untill cannot tahan ?
Bedah : no lar not that ... I almost die from the Skipping the whole day!!

*Note : In Kamus English - BM : Skip = Lompat



  1. LOL!! I think I needa start lompat-ing ledi..

  2. surfnux : hahaha u smart la hows the job hunt ?

    frostier : skip ?

    crazygrr| : you also need ???

  3. knncb! loloz.... bugger you, very dangerous lei... have a joking weekend. cheers!

  4. LOL... this girl needs a brain overhaul than a body overhaul!! LOL


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