5 December 2005

AhBeng's Karate Dog

AhBeng and AhHuey is a couple, one day AhHuey's only brader wanna kahwin and move out also and AhHuey's Fader komplenED to AhHuey. "With your brader gone both of us oldfolks will be left alone if anything happened no one will be here to plotek us.

You know all these while AhHuey's fader memang tak suka sama AhBeng bcoz AhBeng very yong sui. Upon hearing his fader-in-law's komplen he got this idea to make his fader-in-law to like him more.

A day later AhBeng go to his fav pet store to get his fader-in-law a companion and bodygad, "All they need is a dog, a fierce one to plotek them" AhBeng Told himself.

AhBeng :Taukeh u got trained guard dog anot ? I wanna buy for my in laws la.
Taukeh : WUAH!! you in luck neh! yesday one polis komando sold his dog to me, this dog very fierce wan, trained by the komando and have black belt in Karate wan!
AhBeng : Wah! Karate dog ?? sure boh!!! lu mai bluff me hor ... mahai dog also can do Karate ?
Taukeh : Bluff you for what ? but i know susah mau belif la, I open pet store for so long ledi I also baru first time see, nebermin i take the dog out and do demo for lu ok ?
AhBeng : OK!
*2 minits later*
Taukeh : nah this is the dog, his name is Karate Dog. AhBeng you see the plank there anot ? that plank is for him to do demo one la.
AhBeng : WOW! show me show me!!
Taukeh : Karate Dog Karate the plank!
* Karate Dog proceed to the plank and chopped it into two pieces.* *AhBeng was so implessed!*
AhBeng : Taukeh !!! I take this dog!!!
Taukeh : Pulez remember the password ok ? 1st u kena call hs name " Karate Dog" then u will hafta tell him what to do.
AhBeng : Ok ok I understand

BerusLee Da Karateh Dog

After AhBeng paid for the dog he go straight to his fader's in law houz and show it to him.
AhBeng : Dad i bought you this dog and he will plotek lu and mum.
Dad : This small dog is gonna plotek us ?? haha pulez dont kid with me ok ?
AhBeng : Dad, Karate Dog is a spesel dog, he was trained by the komando and he got Karate black belt. I saw him chop the plank into two at the pet shop just now la!
*At this point AhBeng’s Fader in law thot AhBeng is trying to make fun of him and he is bloody pissed ledi*
Dad : Chop plank?? Karate Dog ?? Karate My ASS LA!!!


  1. Diuuu.... lidat oso can meh? siao ah.
    dog where can karate one. scratch kat lat dai can lah.

  2. farker U! tat was total rojakz klassic! special golden rojaks award! dang, more pplz looking at me weird....


  3. Nice doggie pics wor... Looks exactly like my ang moh gau goldie bear bear... lol

  4. wrong, joec, this ain't rojakz's classic. this, like the one about buaya69 being a shrewd accountant, is an old joke floating around the net. only thing is rojakz is smart enough to modify it.

  5. ahpek : liam kat lat dai lagi shiok ler!

    joeC : wuahaha glad u like the joke

    helen : your dog is call bear bear ? then what is u have a pet bear bear ? u will call it dog dog ? lol

    mmh : thanks glad you like it

    lucia : eh ... both jokes also i heard during mamak session wor ...to me its new ler ... buden since u r the sifu hor. Who am I to argue with you jek ? :P

  6. yalah. i am an auntie, so you shouldn't argue with me. :)

    anyway, i don't mean they are old or new jokes. what i meant was that they are 'copied' jokes... not originally from you... IF that was what joec thought.

    ok the auntie has spoken and will shut up now. ;)

  7. lucia : wuah datin i dont mean lidat ler .... since all my jokes are either from emails or i heard from other peeples wan i also never say its ori mahh .. jangan ler marah :P

  8. Walao....ah beng father in law ass become half already..hahahaha

  9. aduh! mana i ada marah. no no lah. tidak.

    and i never said you said your jokes are ori. my first comments was directed at joec actually when he mentioned this joke is a rojak classic and deserve a special award, i thought he meant this joke comes ori from you, so i just pointed out to joec it is not rojak's ori.

    sorry lah if i ruffle your (or joec) feathers, sir wingz.

    ok now i know your style of telling jokes so the datin aunty will keep quiet henceforth... or maybe i can send you some jokes which i have lots of them in my collection for you to use to modify them to your style. :)


  10. very very kelakar lor

    but poor ah beng....
    he must kena spell by ah huey!
    or ah beng is the stupit person in this world....

    why ah?......
    read the genie facial story la....


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