28 March 2007

OMFG!!! Ribena What??

Updates : It appears that GSK Malaysia has made an official statement : giving assurance that Ribena in Malaysia has sufficient Vitamin C - LINK

Have you heard? Ribena does not have Vitamin C innit!! [source]

I practically grow up drinking ribena and so does my kid! So you can imagine how furious I m! I felt like a sucker now ok?

I mean all these years ... and its not cheap too ok?!!! niahma! If i knew i would have just bought cordial and prolly save lotsa money in the process.

Here are some of the related news :
Multinational drugs group GlaxoSmithKline was fined 217,000 New Zealand dollars (£79,500) for misleading advertising yesterday after students found its blackcurrant drink Ribena contained no detectable vitamin C, contradicting its claims that the prediluted children's drink, Ready to Drink Ribena, contained more of the vitamin than orange juice.


Another one reported :
The case followed tests on Ribena by Anna Devathasan and Jenny Suo, from Auckland, as part of a science project in 2004 when they were 14.

Their results came to the attention of the New Zealand Commerce Commission and forced the firm to admit that its cartoned, ready-to-drink Ribena had no detectable Vitamin C, despite claims that it had seven milligrams per 100 millilitres.


Anyway .... i think I will let the below pics tell u what i wanna say :



So .... you get the picture yet?

Updates : Apparently in the latest statement released by GSK Malaysia, assuring the level of Vitamin C in Ribena sold in Malaysia is sufficient. So looks like we are all not affected!!!


GSK Malaysia has conducted thorough laboratory testing of Vitamin C levels in Ribena. This testing has confirmed that Ribena in Malaysia contain the stated levels of Vitamin C, as described on product labels. GSK would like to reassure its consumers in Malaysia that the issues discussed with the ACCC and NZCC only affects certain Ribena products in Australia and New Zealand.

Click Here to read the full statement

Erm .... ok i dont feel cheated after all ....


  1. hmm..luckily i not fansee of ribena! kakakk

  2. Update: GSK Msia responded that Ribena in Msia has correct Vit C level in accordance to its content label.

    Now just need someone outside the company to check if the content label states that it has 4 times more Vit C than the average orange lor.

    If yes good for them.
    If not, sue for false advertising ;)

  3. Anonymous6:41 pm

    but its in AUckland, mayb those Aucklanders more penipu than Malaysians leh ...

    and its those packet Ribena la ... not those undiluted ones ...

    tiu ...take universalltester or litmus paper and check lo, if its acidic then k, but kaninia if its neutral ... hahaha

  4. I posted this too.

  5. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Like that if Ribena plus Vodka got Vitamin C or not? Keke...

  6. everyone also kena conned? my son taking both ribena and the scotts emulsion also....

  7. Make your own rebina lar next time. Go to the market and get some fruits to make it yourself. Be a good daddy lah.....

  8. Anonymous8:27 pm

    omg i got ripped off, cant we sue the company??? =) haiya after how many years of drinking it =( well im drinking ribena right now haha

  9. You all are screwed
    Just like the ahbeng story...rofl

  10. oh yeah we're all screwed alright...

    ribena no vitamin c! it's like cigarettes without tobbaco!

    but then from your 2nd source, it says that someone frm england claims that there's "no such problem in britain", meaning that in britain the ribena still got vitamin c?

    how bout malaysia??

  11. Anonymous10:03 pm

    + ed =
    Luckily i didn't drink alot of ribena
    Hope other's type of drink don't cheat like ribena

  12. So next time ppl get sick or hospitalised no need to bring them Ribena liau...
    i kena nailed 99 d.... when i know that i'm gonna get sick i go drink up a glass of Ribena.. Now think back , like gong kia nia..

  13. luckily no bring ribenna to visit lehbit that day

  14. huei : ribena sedap okkkk!!!

    suanie : thanks for the update!

    earl : kaka sugar itself are alil bit acidic also wat? sure can detect acid ler!

    5xmom : GSK release a statement regarding this issue, maybe your would like to update your readers too?

    bryan : Vit C dem fragile one la! u put alchohol sure jialat one!

    sasha : erm .. they release a statement wor ... so maybe those in msia are not affected?

    erinalaw : modern peeple mah! everything also want convinient lor! Lazy mah! lol

    rap : erm the post got update wor! it seems that they released a statement!

    frostier : hahaha ahbeng also got drink ribena one?

    cy : err ... read their latest statement

    conan cat : still read the updates lor ...

    sasuke : kakaka its screws + ed la! plural!

    rinn : kakak well dun feel like gong kia just yet! u go read the latest update la!

    ckyeo : aiyah u dun let lehbit really like ribena one meh??!! next time buy ribena la!

  15. oh! i see.... i missed out the update.. kakaka... I not stupid

  16. Anonymous6:36 pm

    sugar is acidic meh? sure or not?


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