26 January 2006

Wingz Can Bake - CNY butter cookies

Who invented Chinese New Year wan !!!???? #$%^&*(!!

Anyway i told myself "What is Chinese New Year without making your own cookies/snacks to show off abit" right anot ? lol

So in this episode you can see Wingz can actually bake. I made 2 huge jar of butter pukis cookies in about 4 hours. The process of preparing the dough are as easy as 1-2-3 the real killa are the baking time. I made approximately 600 grams of dough in just 15 minutes but it took me almost 4 good hours in baking all the lot. I started the whole thing at around 11:15pm finally I m down to my last batch and the time now is 3.00am. I reckon the whole thing would be done at around 3:15-3:30 am.

Here i share with lu my simple Rojaks Spesel Butter Pukis Cookies Recipe

Rojaks Spesel Butter Pukis Cookies

1. 300 grams SCS butter (dont use magerine or else it will be call Magerine Cookies not Butter Cookies gedit ?)
2. 300 grams flour ( if your houz dun habe plain flour then goto your regular mamak stall ask them for half kilo of flour give him 50 sen more than enuff liow)
3. 150 grams castor sugar (more expensive than normal sugar, but if you dem pokai like me then dont lansi la .. use normal sugar also can, but you must whack alot harder lar)
4. 3/8 teaspoon vanilla essence ( if u dunno how much is 3/8 tsp (neither do I) just tembak la ... as long as not more than half a tsp enuff liow lol)
5. 1/2 teaspoon baking powder (Cap Ros - 50 grams packing RM 1.10 oni )
6. A pinch of salt

How to mix

You hafta preheat your oven to 170ºC for 5-10 minits ( ikut suka hati lu lar how long u wanna preheat, you are the one who kena pay for your own electric bill)

Then while lu mia oven pre-heating you should mix all your ingredients together. This is what you gotta do :

a. Whack the butter with a wanker whacker till soft n creamy *winks* ( I lazy to dig out the mixer so today i whack with spoon only, same outcome lesser stuffs to wash. If you are one of those expert masturbator then i reckon your mixture will be better than those of being mixed by a electrical mixer! LOL!!!)
b. Add Sugar and continue to wank whack
c. Add Vanilla essence and whack again
d. Sift in the flour and blend into dough (ok you can stop wanking whacking now)
e. bring out all your kinky freako nude porno cookie molding and start shaping the dough according to your requirements. (aproximate thickness 5-6mm)
f.Put them (your shaped cookies) on a non-stick baking tray/ceramic plate/aluminium foil
g. Bake for 25-30 minutes at around 180ºC-200ºC
h. When done baking leave cookies out to cool before putting them into a air tight container.

If you follow my Original recipe, i gerenti lu eat till liam liam tongue!!!!

Shaped Cookies from dough

All sorted out and waiting for their turn to go into the oven!

Cookies in the oven

Wait .. wait ... waiting ....

TADAAA!!! Rojaks Spesel Butter Pukis Cookies!

P.S. : if you want to have this shinning shinning effect on top of your cookies then u gotta rub abit of egg white on top of your cookies before you bake them. Rub it on with a clean brush or a cotton bud which ever convenient.

HAPPY TRYING !!!! got any question you are welcome to ask me :)

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  1. they look really good. can go sell ledi. :D

  2. Hei, lu try to plomote the Aspen oven isit? Why no ordinary oven har? So kengchau wan, tlanspalen oven.

  3. wingz can cook, yes he can! i want some of his cookies now! :)

  4. Wahlan, your oven very the canggih!

  5. waah... lidat your bini senang lah. better bring some for me.

  6. Wingz.. * admire ** my, you are indeed a man of many talent. Yap dak chooi fong, chut dak thang thong. lol

  7. Look look only. Cannot know the quality. Got looOOok lah, dunno got taste or not.

    Taugeh Wingz, please send 20 jar to my house for sample purpose. Need to test for safety purpose also. Eat little volume cannot justify one.

  8. Something wrong with your oven is it? Why go in got shape come out no shape one?

  9. WAAHHHH! unkle rojaks very the power talent liao! can sell ah, open store and sell some la! cheers.

  10. Wah, got hidden skills somemore! Want to try some of my butter cake? Erhmm... ;-)

    Eh, your yummy cookies looks a bit over done lah and they remind me of err... nebermine.

    Happy CNY to you and your family.

  11. wah! like real only wor...
    Passed the 'bini' test? she approve or not?

  12. wahleu, just like my mahder make last time lar!!! also can put a small piece of kacang on top.

  13. i know not u do one.. dun bluff us. u just took pictures.

  14. hmm ... looked like curry puff

  15. Aspen: Pen for your ass.
    "Ngor lor yau oi seh chi, lor chi Aspen lei lah"

  16. crazygrrl : u wanna buy anot ?

    howsy : wuah how u know wan ? I m selling the super canggih oven ler ... wanna buy anot ?

    wuching : come come i leave some for u

    james : cnaggih leh .. wanna buy for your bini anot ?

    ahpek : my bini ah .. sigh dunwan tok bout her la .... aaiiiiii

    helen : admirer leh ... not only that i m totally "Yap duck chui foong, chut duck thang tong and siong duck chong!"

    frostier : when u do baking hor ... 1st batch u always bake 3-5 bijik 1st ... that one is for test taste one if not ngam then add till ngam then only go for mass production. so my product gerentik chun wan!

    n305er : that one trial batch la .. trial batch no nid do so nice wan lol testing only

    joec : wahhhh now only u know ar ? haha nvm la not too late yet !

    mahagurusia : butter cake sap sap water laaa close one eye also can make :P

    king's wife : pass bini test ? my bini know how to eat only lol ... so no nid to ask her to test also

    simon : i lazy mau taruh kacang on top ler lol

    seng kor : i do one laaa diuu .. u dun belif u ask crazzygrrl la

    inevitabe : curry puff ??? -_-"""

    james : KAKAKAKA!! ASSPEN!!

  17. Wingz can bake. lolz.Everybody go visit wingz during cny liao. lolz. Can you teach us make rou gan? lolz.

  18. wah
    wingz can memang bake

  19. wingz wan to sell 1 jar to me?
    looks promising!
    yum yum!

  20. wingz : u can cakap macam macam leh. ni mana tau. ada qualify kat sirim or not jek?

  21. jayus : 2 jar only laaa not enuff for myself to makan also lol!

    boss : yar memang betui i can bake lol

    lmf : knottt!!! nx year u book erly erly la then i make 1 more for u lol

  22. wow..
    it look yummy...


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