12 January 2006

Rojaks Goes on a Blind Date

Blind date means a dinner date wth a bunch of blind massuers la!! You see, I am a regular customer of a blind man massage center in Brickfield and yesday i was invited to their annual dinner party organised at this restaurant call Sam You in Seri Kembangan.

In fact every year also they invited me to attend their annual dinner but this is the first time i ever attend. Prolly bcoz this time it was held in a restaurant which is located right in the way i took to go home. Dinner was great and I met quite alot of others regular massage kaki there too. I will dedicate a post about the blind man massage center later in the month, right after i took some pictures of their workplace during my next massage session.

Those blind masseurss really enjoyed themselves, I even got a video of them dancing to Chinese new year song.

I was placed on the same table as John, (whois a gwailo/angmoh) 2 blind massuers and other regular customers from the massage center. One of the blind massuer is Loh, one of my regular massuer and he is also one of the few massuer who can speak proper english. Being a Sabahan, Loh's cantonese is not as good as the rest of us. I dunno the other massuer very well but i do know his name is Ho, during dinner Ho was the most talkative on our table. Ho was telling John his chilhood grandmader story and it goes something like this :

Ho : John, you know last time when i small that time me and my frends use to play in a pond that is full of "Shan Kei"
John : Shan Kei ? what is that ? some kinda fish ?
* At this point Ho turn to Loh and asked him*
Ho : eh Loh, how to say "Shan kei" in english ar ?
Loh : Shan kei is what ? my canto so bad sommo you ask me this thing aiyo!
Ho : I think Shan is Bukit, Kei is bendera, how to say in Yingrish ?
Loh : *Whisper whisper into Ho's ear*
Ho : Ohhh!!! John Shan Kei is Moutain Flag!

We all : *2 legs up in air! *

soli forgot ledi .... "Shan Kei" is in cantonese in other languages it means leeches/lintah



  1. Erm... Pond got Bukit Bendera?

    BTW, since blind man massage, you can naked hor? :P

  2. Oi, rojakz, I thot u patronise thai girls massage which pau sai the balls also wan? No ak? Oh soli hor, that was ahpek and that bunch of laubehs.

  3. do unto others as it has been done unto you.

    I've been tagged. So have you! :D

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  5. Most of the people in the "blind date" are the blind massuers rite? How come in the second photo got TV there and nobody's watching it except for the waiter?


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