7 January 2006

Rojaks CHOY SUN giving away FREE LUCKY 4D numbers!!! COME AND GET YOURS NOW !!!!

Warning : The below prediction are only for entertainment purposes. User(s) are advice to use at own risk. Author(s) will not take any responsibilities towards loses/liabilities arises from any misuse of the below program for gambling purposes. Please proceed under own risk. By using the below program user hereby agreed to indemnify the author from all liabilities arises from the usage of the abovesaid program.

KAM KAM!!! Everibodi COME FATT CHOY!!! This year ROJAKS in co-operation with HEAVENLY CHOY SUN association brings you this once in a lifetime oppurtunity. CHOY SUN is giving 4D lucky numbers !!!


Whether you are loyal to MAGNUM 4D, DAMACAI or SPORTS TOTO CHOY SUN also understand your need! CHOY SUN mia LUCKY number are compatible with all those major gaming outlet mentioned above. So what you waiting for ???!!! Wanna FATT DART ANOT??!!!

So, After this every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday you no need to "ngong kooi kooi" stand in gaming outlet thinking of what numbers to buy ledi la!! Thanks to Rojaks now you know what numbers to buy ledi laaa!!! LOL!!


How to get the best reults from CHOY SUN

  • - Wash Hand 1st, Mana tau u just now go TFK, if dont wash sure manyak suey wan.
  • - Close you eyes and Pray first, kena pray sincerely wan if not wont kena wan.
  • - Then plomise yourself that if you kena liow you must give 10% to the Rojaks Entertaiment Fund and make me a happier person. LOL!
  • - DO NOT share your lucky number with anyone. If anyone pretend to be from the ROJAKS management kam ask u for the number, IGNORE THEM! ROJAKS and Managements will not ask for your lucky numbers wan. We also plotek all your LUCKY NUMBERS! this is our PIRACY PRIVACY policy.
  • - Lastly, click on CHOY SUN and you will see LUCKY ANGPAU will appear, then wait for your LUCKY NUMBER to appear from within the LUCKY ANGPAU, Make sure you jot it down and keep it somewhere safe.

Copyright Rojaks 2005, Do not reproduce/use without the prior written consent from the original author.


  1. muahahaha, if i kena 4D, I chia lu makan rojaks kao kao!!!

  2. After checking the angpow few times, the number still not vely nice hor...so I decided to roll 10 numbers the traditional way and shake-shake it from a tin in front of Rojakz face in the computer.
    Fooyoh!! Damn nice no. sure kena wan...

  3. hahaha! Tmrw I go buy lottery! :p

  4. How to copy that flash keh?
    is it created by your own?

  5. alex : makan only meh ? must send 10% to me as entertaiment fund leh

    cocka : wuah .. lucky numbers only try one time only laaa u try 10 times for wat ler

    liz : kena liow gimme 10% horrrr

    yhtan : yar reated by me, knot copy ler i work so hard on it ... copyrighted ledi wan lol

    surfnux : bro kung hei fatt choy to you too.. this year econ is bad .. so no nagpow for you lol!

  6. i also dunno why i click so many times. maybe my number not nice also.

    Then i go get some incense and candle burn in front of rojakz website, then roll 10 numbers out.

    Very damn nice number, but double confirm by throwing "seng pueh" - turns out to be good also.

    Tomolo i sure fatt fatt one.

  7. mahai, if you make me loose money, i will claim back from you. today i'm going to whack 100 big 100 small.

  8. How come I click more than hundreds time oso no get number 9394

  9. Wah ! Did one veli the keng chao ! If can kena, Lin Peh sure belanja rojaks yamade !

  10. i also have a free lucky 4D number for you guys to try out.

    click the following link and look for '4D numbers' in excel format.

  11. waaah, save trip to hopital, accidents and graveyard lei, tank u rojaks!

  12. Thank you thank you. If really kena, I won't forget Wingz punya.....

    I know what you want... depending on the prize money, if really cukup, I'll give you the form to make selection.

    Semi Vintage Sportscar
    1) Nissan Fairlady Z
    2) Mazda Rx 7 Efini
    3) Toyota Supra

    Bonus prize... I'll help take Pebbles off your hand so you can have more time to blog...lol

  13. frostier : wuah ... seng pueh also u got!!! terror!

    siaocharbor : win ledi must send me a cek !!!

    ahpek : if win then how ??

    9394 : whp say ? i try 1 time only can get 9294 ledi

    linpeh L if kena we go nightclub laaa find pak-ku

    lucialai : wuah u also 4D kaki ka ? lol

    joec : alamak ... what does this gotta do with hospital, graveyard and accidents ??

    helen : i sill prefer Rx7 FC over effini ler .. as for pebbles u kena wait long long liow lol

  14. oooi.... give the jackpot one mah... menang besar wooi!!!

  15. I also give you 4D number, "0000". Confom no kena one.

  16. Niamah, how you do that? I oso wanna learn and earn some money. But I no situpid, I kasi people sign up, pay a small fee then baru kasi the lucky number. I think will earn better than adsense wei. Oh, oh, forgot, I cannot wor, nanti Yehsou pulas my telinga, kena boiling oil.

  17. sure got mah. cari makan 1 leh.
    btw, also not yet ong. still chick year. didnt kena yet.

  18. 4D only ka?? no 6D??? hehehehhehe

  19. tiu! every number also nice. So everytime I roll, I copied the number and bet $10, roll then copy and bet $10 ..... I am up to my 887 numbers now... Walauwei, it gonna cost me a bomb. You work for magnum ah?!! :(

  20. mossie : jekpot i keep for myself niah lol

    failer : i seen "0000" kam out befoh laaa

    5xmom : eh very easy only ... flash programming very teh fun!

    siao char bor : how many time u wanna win la ... this time if kena must "yee sun siong hoi" hahahaha

    frostier : so u r one of those conmen running around town bluffing old folks ar ?

    applepie : 6D kena pay !!! 4D is free ... conside rkasi free sample ler lol

    mahagurusia : wush ini majiam lu kaya habis lar this CNY

  21. no lah. I go bluff mui mui chai

  22. Anonymous2:49 pm

    wer to click the choy sun i cnt see also ....helpppp

  23. Anonymous12:43 pm

    cnt see any num also

  24. Anonymous12:15 pm

    i click many time y i cnt see any num ?


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