7 January 2006

Rojaks CNY Headers!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Rojaks CHOY SUN (God of Prosperity) !!!! KAM KAM!!! who want FATT CHOY come ask me for 4D numbahhh !!! malilah malii !!!!

How, nice ar ? Apamajiam cantek tak ? Anchuah, sui boh ? Dim, cheng mow ? Nanda, Kirei desuka ?


  1. Nice, nice :) Very creative :)

  2. haha..now i know how u actually look like..just like Alan Tham.

    Very nice banner..can do 1 for me ar?

  3. Veli the shui...Linb Peh like. Can do one for Lin Peh punya CNY sing song projeck ah ? Tolong a bit la.

  4. damn the colourful man

  5. sui. chin cheah sui. i like.

    must ask you to design a CNY banner for me too lah.

  6. memang cantik lor!

  7. everybody oso say nice, if i don say after kena diu. so i oso follow say nice lah.

  8. very teh cun !

    Gong Hei Fatt Choi !!

  9. pelf : thanks! 1st time here ?

    9394 : paiseh la actually i dont looks like alan tham also ... alan tham looks like me only lol .. err .. u got any idea on what kinda banner u want anot ? i only know how to add stuffs but cant totally sucks at creating one from scratch.

    linpeh : you want header or banner ar ?

    reta : kalerful like kindergarden lol

    lucia lai : u like the banner or u like alan tham *winks* ... looks like i m gonna be a pro-banner photoshopper very soon lol

    wuching : telima kasi!!!

    ahpek : gei run diu ohhh say me lidat .... i got inspiration to do the header from your blog one lehhh

    bryan : Gong Xi Fah Chai!!

    crazygrrl : tenkiuuu

  10. KNN. Lin Peh dunno what difference is header or banner la. As long as got picture can oledi la ;-)

  11. Ei, why don't use santarina change to chai shen ye? lolz. But this is also very nice. lolz.

  12. Haha... Ei, I want to use it for my header also. Can ah? :P

  13. linpeh : ok roger!

    jayus : i think ppl got sick of the fler ledi so i thot make some changes la lol

    kiasi : u mia pasal can laaa !!

  14. Ah Wingz, I editted ur header with ur photo. lolz. hope u like it. ngehehehez.


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