24 January 2006

Ahbeng in Free Sex Contest

Last time I used to work as pump attendant at Shell petrol station at this Cheras branch. The boss is very kiam siap, thats why i left to join Petronas. But anyway got one time sales dropped alot at the Shell petrol station and the kiamsiap boss is doing this promotion to increase sales, he make a big banner with the words :


I also curious bout the contest then i asked my kiamsiap ex boss, he told me

Kiamsiap : Very simple one la! if got customer come put full tank u ask him come see me.
Me : Then if they ask see u for what how i answer boss ?
Kiamsiap : U tell them see me to play game la, if win ledi got free sex!
Me : then if they ask me what game and how to play how i answer boss ?
Kiamsiap : ok i explain to you, the game is lidis one. I will pick a number from 1-9 in my mind then the customer will have to guess it. If they correctly guessed it then they will get free sex.
Me : ohhh ok i understen ledi.

After that got one customer his name is AhSeng, he see the promo/contest and fast fast put full tank of petrol. I then asked him to see my boss la.

Kiamsiap : Ahseng choose a number form 1 to 9. If you guessed correctly you will win free sex.
Ahseng : 6!
Kiamsiap : Aiyah!!! you miss sikit oni laaa, the number is 7!! soli lar no sex for you this time try again ok ?
Ahseng : diuuu !!!! so close!!!

*2 days later Ahseng come again but this time he bring his frend Ahbeng along.*

Ahseng : Alo! kasi full tank ok?
Me : taikor come to try your luck again ar ?
Ahseng : Ya la this time i bring my frend alsong too, hes my lucky star I think this time i can win leh!
Me : ok taukeh! just go into the opis to see my boss and Good luck! *start filling the tank*

*Ahseng go into the opis together with Ahbeng to see Kiamsiap boss*

Ahseng : Hi! its me again and this time i m gonna win!
Kiamsiap : oh hi! welcome! you know the rules right ? go ahead guess the number.
Ahseng : 7!!
Kiamsiap : aiyoo so close again! the answer is 6!! soliler try again nx time!
Ahseng : DIUUU!!!! ARGGHHH!!!

*AhSeng and Ahbeng got into the car and left. on the way home Ahseng asked Ahbeng*

AhSeng : Mahai i think the kiamsiap petrol station owner is a con man la, where can win like this ? diuuu !!!
Ahbeng : Eh dont say lidat! he very honest one ok ? I got prove his contest is real one.
AhSeng : What prove ? you won before ar ?
Ahbeng : No lar not me ... MY WIFE WON TWICE LAST WEEK!!!



  1. -_-"

    Ahbeng Baka des.

  2. wucanrou,
    wingz getting senile, you dunno meh? entertain him a bit lah. say something like, "waaahhh very funny!!".

  3. Wat lah you people! Free read also taruh wingz?

    Now, everybody laugh! :-)

  4. wucanrou : You are the best-est mahhh!!!! what can i say ler ? lucky u dint say this to kimberlycun ... if not sure kena fark upside down one wuahahahaha ...

    gulengz : bakkaaaaa!!!!

    ahpek : mahai want say me lidat meh ? ok lo i know lar ur jokes is the best la ... i learning only dun bully me plz ... :P

    wucanrou : hahahaha u also funny leh

    mahagurusia : i think next time i ena pay them to come n read my craps liow lol .... if not they wont come anymore! pay them to come n read then let them taruh also lol

  5. damn, this idea may just work! bwahahaha!

  6. hahahaha funny lar...

  7. Hello!

    Heheh. Finally you found out two people who do read your blog :) Can't stalk anymore...

    I'm stuck in UK la. So is Nick. If possible, would have preferred to fly back straight home for CNY. No hols mah, what to do. Bak kua will have to wait!

    Gong hei fatt choy to you and your family!

  8. hahaha... that was funny!

  9. this is damn good wei!

    i used 3 seconds to figure out the ending, when i got it, i lol.

    Good one. Good job man. wahaha!

  10. dis NOT funny at all
    wingz losing his touch oledi

  11. buaya : taikor gong xi fah chai!!! lets Jv open petrol stesen want anot? lol

    cccp : telimakasiiii!!!

    twisted heels : gong hei fatt choy to you too!! i keep your bak gua for nx year ok!

    newsmaker : I also think its funny but i think i cant satisfy everyone ler

    mike : thanks buddy glad you enjoyed it

    surfnux : bro i intro u his wife u wan anot ? lol

    pisang : the answer is 5! aiyo too bad ler better luck next time! kakaka

  12. wingz and family,


    see u in PD.


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