17 January 2006

Wacky Ringtones - FREE DOWNLOAD!

This Ringtone is hillarious but this one is in hokkien, its also abit 18sx and rude, those who are easily offended by vulgar words please do not proceed, otherwise proceed under own risk. (in both WMA and MP3 format)

Go ahead! download it! I gerenti you will like it wan!

This offer comes with a 30 days money bek gerenti!!!

*Playback is not automatic, to listen to the song, pulez press the "PLAY" button*

Click on this link for the MP3 version for handphones --> DOWNLOAD
for WMA version, click here --> DOWNLOAD

Anyone got any funky/funny/hilarious ringtone to share? Please send me your favourite ringtone to my email at rojaks.wingz@gmail.com ok ?

Note : if you like this article/download, pulez vite for it at http://www.spymy.com/story/153/ mucho gracias!



  1. KNN, you asked your lil devil to say and you record it ah? LOL.

  2. muuuuahahahhaha I have this. hahaha I show to my mom, she said show to ur dad la, he sure laugh. hahaha I dun dare to show to him. wakkakakakaka

    Knnlacib**....hohohoho imagine this ringtone rang in a meeting hall. kakak

  3. ha ha ha ... KNN! I prefer the last one. Wow, that one jinjang factor full marks!!

  4. imagen this ring tone, rangs while you at cinema or in lift.........

  5. hepi to hear it...muahaa!!


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