29 January 2006

Chinese New Year Song - Rojaks Solo Version (18SX)

Actually, I made this CNY song a few weeks ago, that time I thot maybe Latuk Lin Peh got use for this but since he dint use I thot i can use it here la, also I added another Paragraph to it and remix it all over again and below is the results.

Its in Mandarin and needless to say my mandarin sucks So i doubt you guys could understand wtf i m singing also . I need help from someone who can write the lyrics out for me in Chinese characters so people knows wtf i m trying to say LOL! Any volunteer pulez?

Warning : kids please get your parents permission befoe you start learning this song ok ? later you kena slap not my fault LOL!!

Note : Direct Download Link Click HERE many thanks to my taiko Alexallied for seponsoring bandwidth n space :)

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Audio: title
by wingz

The Lyrics (Chinese & Yingrish)

Chinese lyrics by Crazygrrl

Yo sieh ren der dah tiao
(some guy got big rod)
Yo sieh ren der siao tiao
(some guys got small rod)
Jien Mien Ti Yee Jue huah
(the 1st word when we meet)
Show wo ni der ciaociao
(Show me your Rod)

Gong Xi, Gong Xi, Gong Xi ni ah
Gong Xi, Gong Xi, Gong Xi
(this one i derno how to translate)

Mei tiao huey dah huey siao
(every rod can be big n small)
Mei Yung guoh pu jer tau
(never try never know)
Yung guoh ni pu yao tao
(use ledi u dunwan leggo)
Pao ni yo han yo jiao
(gerenti you will moan and scream)

Gong Xi, Gong Xi, Gong Xi ni ah
Gong Xi, Gong Xi, Gong Xi
( i still derno how to translate this)

I know there is lotsa bored workaholick out there whois like me ... we are bored outta our mind on holidays lidis!!! I hope this song could cheer you up a bit and move you to the right track.



  1. kong si kong si kong si ni! :)

  2. Year Born Expensive Son ... using bid rod, hopefully :P

  3. wah lau yeh! you like that also can? big and small 'tiao' .. you aretalking about 'you char keow' right? LOL

  4. I don't care, I demand you compensate me one keyboard bcos coca-cola shoot through my nose and spoil my keyboard!!!

  5. Geng ah! Gong hei fatt choi

  6. ROFLMAO Wingz!!!
    You are really talented lah.

  7. Wuahahahahahaz. Jiao song. Damn funny.

  8. Wah-say! With so many family members around, I cannot sing out leh.. Must tahan laugh also.. afterwards they sibuk see what I laugh at. Anyway, thank you for the laugh. Kong Hei Fatt Choy!

  9. actin simon from amehlikar idol sayz:
    you are cannot sing at all....
    if you keep sing people will cover their ears!

  10. Wuching : ONG AH !!!

    Moz : must expensive son ka ? cheap one knot meh ? economy bad leh

    cynthia : eh u 18 yet anot ?

    5xmom : keybod ar ? i only got the problogger one wor lol

    louyea : kung hei nei yau hei ahhh!!

    cocka : not as talented as william hung la!! lol

    jayus : eh u also 18 yet anot ?

    aw : I think think u also notchet 18 yo rite anot ?

    pisang : I also dunno what is wong with u la .. other ppl listen to the lyrics u listen to the voice for what ? u watching too much tv ledi la better cut down before its too late kakaka! maybe u need me to remind u abit la .. this is a jokes blog not a singer's blog la aduh! think bout it la maybe u dialed the wrong number kot ? soli no such person KAKAKAKAKA!!!

  11. Wingz, I'm above 18 leh. Only thing is not old enough to live away from family, and the PC is in the family room. CNY = all the relatives coming back.

  12. Happy Chinese New Year

  13. Thanks for the CNY wishes! Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family :)

  14. You so free at home nothing to do ah? Kakakak...

    Enjoy the holiday! Happy Chinese New Year!

  15. huuuuuiiiiyo

    sifuuuuuuuu, u veli the kengchao
    i mean ur otak and not ur ciaociao kengchao

  16. Dragon Horse Sperm God!!!

  17. You are damn talented. I hope you should go to Hollywood or Hong Kong to be a songwriter. Otherwise, your talent is wasted. I enjoy the lyrics.

    Kong Hee Fatt Choy

  18. Hahaha. Played it yesterday whole day and whichever housemate passed by my room started to giggle and laughed hard.

    You made our cny so merry! :D

    Warmest wishes from all of us all the way from cold, frosty Sunderland.

    Ada 5 lengluis sini ah, 5 also drool over your song *winks*

  19. aw : dun belif lu!!! tunjuk IC !!!

    yo : thanks

    simmie : you are welcome!

    bryan : hahaha how u know wan ?

    scb : phuiyo!!! when i bcome your sifu wan ? i dunwan to jadi ur sifu leh ... i more willing to be your gigolo LMAO!!!

    alex : lu mia reetings got sperm one siallll eewww!

    maverick : hey thanks for the compliment now lemme find somebody thats actually willing to use my lyrics lol!

    twsited : wuah you play whole day ??!!! i listen to it more than twice i also beh tahan ledi lol!! sommo got 5 lengluis drooling tim!!! got photo anot ? lemme see lemme see!!!

  20. What to do..that was the only cny song. Internet streaming to 988 also lag like mad. Maybe coz everyone download HK series like mad!

    Eh, staying mysterious is more fun, there's an aura to what you don't know and what you're curious to know :P (too bad must minus me coz u took a peek at my Friendster b4! Boohoo.)

  21. strike 4D already or nnot?

  22. I'm gonna be 18 very very very soon ler. cincai ler. lolz.

  23. what a funny song... thanks 4 share.....


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