13 January 2006

My Favourite Wacky Ringtones - Free Download!

Below is one of my favourite Wacky Ringtone given to me by my buddy Esther, more downloadable wacky ringtones will be post in the future! Bcoz now i found my supplier ledi lol (in both WMA and MP3 format)

Go ahead! download it! I gerenti you will like it wan!

This offer comes with a 30 days money bek gerenti!!!

*Playback is not automatic, to listen to the song, pulez press the "PLAY" button*

Click on this link for the MP3 version for handphones --> DOWNLOAD
for WMA version, click here --> DOWNLOAD

If the response is good then tomlo i post anoder wan ok ? if response is good la! if not then nebermind lol!



  1. Choy!!!!! If my Ah Pa wan ngo, sei chor la. I don't want to die so fast ler. My Ah Pa, my Ku Ma long time sell salted eggs liao.

    But keep posting la, nice ler. Rojakz getting very hot with free lucky number and free ringtones.


  3. Too bad, my phone spoilt liao. Else sure b my ringing tone/message tone. Wait till I buy new phone.

    Thanks woh Uncle Wingz!!!

  4. I scared once I hear this ringtone starts playing, I will uncontrolably ignore the call. LoL ...

  5. barger, lidat if the response good means, you can start selling them lor.

  6. LOL....geng ar...let me put tis for my Family group ringtone sin..

  7. download liao ... hehehe!

  8. Rojakz.....got 'leh loe pan wan leh' ringtone or not? Want to put dat on my phone so dat I can ignore my boss totally.

  9. 5xmom : eh can give to your kids maaa

    jason : nvm i keep it here for you to download after u got your phone

    bryan : hahaha u ignore calls from family one ar ?

    ahpek : wuah mahye ... dun pecah my secret laaa .... abislar my business plan *sigh*

    Youngbrat : yar this ringtone ngam as family group

    scorkes : chun leh

    cocka : that one dont have la, wait i ask my supplier see got anot.

  10. Waaa, veli veli crude and Ah Bengish.... exactly the ringtone for my AH Beng son. I'll send him the ringtone.... LOL

    BTW.. u fighting ringtones with Astro ah?

  11. oh, i heard that before - at the mypdacafe forum. it's funny. speak so fast one.

    there is also one funny one in mandarin posted by liewcf sometime ago. i'll see if i can have the link here:


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