4 January 2006

My First Post in 2006

Ayam back! Wah lan eh, a few days no blog now lost touch ledi ... took me so long to start this post. 2006 is off to a good start so far. I actually got into some trouble with inkamtax (LHDN) peeples at the end of 2005 bcoz of some tax disputes and I got till mid Jan 2006 to submit all my documents to clear all the confusions.

The long holidays during the turn of the year were great oppurtunity for me to ransack my store room and go thru boxes over boxes of old documents looking for anything and everything that i can use to save my ass from getting whacked. I spent a good 2 days in the store room sweating my underwear, not a pleasant way to spend the holidays i but going thru all the boxes of old documents does brings back lotsa bitter and sweer memories from the past .

I found alotsa stuffs from the boxes that i thot i lost especially my stamps collection and some precious photographs of ex Gfs LOL!! What really caught my attention is this little booklet its a FOOD MINISTRY'S RATION BOOK from the year 1941, I seriously could not remember when this little booklet comes to my possession but since its in the box, its surely mine then! haha!

Maybe if i keep it till 2041 and give it to my kid, it will worth something by then lol! by 2041 if I m still alive I think myself is alredi a walking artifact haha!

I handed over all my supporting documents to my accountant which he will submit on my behalf to the LHDN, in the meantime all i can do is wait and pray. Wish me luck ok ?

Reminder to everibodi : Dont throw anything related to your income, pay slips, EA, Form J, Form B, EPF statements, Bank Statements and anything that can be used to prove the amount of money you earnt thru-out the years, keep them as long as you could, up to 30 years if you have to! those documents will safe your ass!!!


  1. hope everything turns out well in the end. =D

  2. They sudah tahu you earn few 100 thousands from your google adsense, so now come check you lah~! LOL.

    Good luck and keep us updated. :D

  3. Good luck. Hope everything goes really well for you. :)

  4. OHHHH!!!!! u sell so much lojaks didn't tell them now kena tangkap sudah! si liao loh! neber mind, just put everything in my name so ur safe! :) hehehe

  5. After seening your old GF picture u got Old Flame Return mai?

  6. wah lan ehhhh, 30 long years? Donno can live tat long boh.

  7. Lin Peh got know one Bengali (serious one) in the inkamtax. If you need help, maybe can kao tim. Meanwhile, good luck.

  8. i have that "FOOD MINISTRY'S RATION BOOK from the year 1941" too. i found it in my bro's bookshelf n i was like so shocked. then mum told me that it's just something free inside a magazine my bro bought...i guess a magazine bout airfraft or war. i cant recall.

  9. Inkamtaks? That cilaka peeples one time phoned my house, said my atm owed them RM10K in taxes and want to impound his passport. Chisin! Lucky, I don't have weak heart or else sei chor. Rupa-rupanya, they silap kira. That's why must take 5xmom's advice. Marry an accountnut!

  10. hehe. belum kerja lagi. belum boley kira inkamtaks.

  11. Sell the booklet to the muzium and claim back your money!!

  12. make sure you photocopy those original document before you hand them to your accountant. Effing taxman can loose your file wan.
    I kena one arsehole called me and said he did not received my return forms. As I was arguing with that prick, he suddenly changed subject and asked if I'm willing to donate some money to building his neighorhood surau. WTF!!
    Just bcos I give a few bucks to kidney charity fund and claim exemption this farker thinks i am charitable! Farking hell!

  13. it is better if u get smaller income yearly. so no need to pay income tax lerr. no more headache :D

  14. woohooo!! wish you good luck lor. told you how many times, don't cheat, don't cheat, you don listen. never mind lah, you cheat so much already, give back a little lah.

  15. eyen : thanks I hope so too!

    jason : 100 thousands ? that one is problogger laaa

    crazygrrl : thanks

    wuching : liabilities can put your name anot ar ? lol

    9394 : sshhh ... dont so loud la .. u no i no enuf liow lol

    dizzy : 40 yrs if u have to, just dont throw them away

    linpeh : need leh need leh ... kasi gua your email kita cite sikit

    worm : wow ... now i know where i got that booklet from lol

    5xmom : phuiyo ... impound passport ka ? i also tarak passport to let them impound lol

    quick : lucky bastard lu ... wait for ur turn ... sure come wan lol

    failer : just a small booklet with 16 pages, i dont think will worth anyshit also lol

    cocka : photocopy ledi, but this morning my accountant called saying that i forgot to sign some papers -_-""

    applepie : my income very very small ledi ... any smaller i will need to move to filipina ledi

  16. Lin Peh email xymalaysia@yahoo.com mali kita ceita.

  17. Haiyah, those ppl who kena tax at least should be proud of the fact they got $$......

    Income tax ppl dun diu 9 you is a worse sign than when they do.... Trust me. lol


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