3 January 2006

Celeb Romance Of The Year 2005 REVEALED!

Jeng Jeng Jeennnngggggg......
and he is.....

The "after" Romeo ... *oi look at the GUY, not the girls or the drinks....*

Not so clear from the pic, but you get the idea who it is ya? If you still dunno then... TOO BAD! So why is he the Celeb Romance of the Year 2005? Well the short story is like this. We were having a party/gathering... and suddenly the phone rang. Mr Romeo *poof* ... suddenly went missing and was found outside the house WHILE IT WAS RAINING, talking on the phone. *psst... now is the time you go awwww.... like Andy Lau in the movie where he ride motorcycle in the rain*.

So how? You guys think he deserve the title? BTW hor, if I didn't know better, I would also think he's some 'bin thai lou', squatting by the car in the rain talking on the phone.


  1. Oi, helen, please "brighten" up the photo for us. Haha.. he die lah! once helen touch up the picture, he finish lah.

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. omfg !!! i know who liow !!!

  4. I was right! I was right! :D

  5. Ei, ** disappointed* I thought the guy was in tie and suit??


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