13 January 2006


First of all, remove the blog in the no.1 spot from the following list and push everyone up one place. Then add your own blog to the bottom spot.

1. My Doggie Life
2. Che-Cheh
3. Jeremy C
4. Scorkes
5. Wingz

Then, answer the following questions :

What was I doing 10 years back :
Lemme see, 10 years ago that'll be 1996. That would be the year i stupidly quit my day job and and begun venturing on my own. WRONG MOVE babe! I dunno if anyone told you bout this before anot but if you think being your own boss and running your own empire is cool I got bad news for you. You just jump from one crocodile pond to another. Yea yea ... its a bit different now, before 1996 I am working for someone and now in 1996 I m working for my staffs. Lets face the fact, you will work your ass off just to make sure there is enuff money in the bank to pay their salary by the end of the month. GUYS N GALS!!! LISTEN TO ME!! STICK TO YOUR DAY JOB !!!!

What was I doing 1 year back :
I discovered blogs and started blogging!!! everything gone downhill eversince! i learnt bout traffic whoring, blog politics, adsense, cut and paste and also I discovered that there are living soul in this world that would actually the stuffs/labish that i wrote! I decided to keep torturing more souls with my craps. I m also a step closer to reaching my dream of being the comedian under the overhead bridge by MRII or kesas whichever have less traffic jam.

5 snacks I enjoy :
1. Dirty Fingernails (they got the same nutritious value with shark fins)
2. Pubic Hair (equivalent to rhino's horn)
3. Mammee
4. Bei See (salty and rish with minerals)
5. Earwax (try them, they are GOOD! TRUST ME!!)

5 songs I know all the lyrics off my head right now :
1. Perhaps Love (Jacky Cheung)
2. Barney's show song (I luf yew, yew luf me ...)
3. The alphabet Song
4. Ol'Macdonald
5. Three BLind Mice

5 things I would do if I am a millionaire :
1. A mil ?? get real ok ? a crappy car cost more than 1 mil
2. Crappy 4 storey shoplot also cost more than 1 mil
3. Big Factory lot is definitely cost more than 1 mil
4. You cant build no shit hospital with 1 mil, you need 40 mil for that. (Read the newspaper)
5. Seriously folks... there isnt much you can do with 1 mil, but if you wanna give it to me I dont mind taking it.

5 bad habits :
1. Make peeple luff till they shit in their pants
2. bites fingernails
3. Pretend to be senile
4. Intimidate/bully weaklings
5. Being nice (i cant help it, im born lidat!)

5 things I love to do :
1. threesome
2. foursome
3. fivesome
4. sixsome

5 things you would never wear, buy or get new again :
1. Starbucks/kofibin, lets face the fact ok ? no matter how high the inflation is but RM10 bucks for a cuppa of kopi ABC style ? for 10 bucks you can go mamak and drink kopi till u shit in your pants!
2. Bra, someone told me i need them as mine are getting saggier but i just think wearing bra is so so wrong!
3. Brandy/whisky. I dont drink them, i just dunno why i keep buying them and have it ended up in the rack.
4. Any handphones that exceeds RM1000 bucks, the fact is after you bought it at RM1000 3 months later it will goes down to RM500. So, whats the point ?
5. Insulins, stop buying insulins! you do not have diabetes yet!!!!

5 favourite 'toys' :
1. Lil DEvil
2. Timid employees
3. Anything related to "Remote control"
4. Firearms & Explosives
5. Electronic Gadgets

5 things you'd do in 2006 :
1. Keep breathing use more Oxygen and create more Carbon Dioxide
2. Learn Shaolin Kungfu
3. Torture more peeple
4. Pretend to be funnier
5. Be kind to small animals

Then you select five people to pass it on :
1. Paris Hilton
2. John Travolta
3. George Bush
4. Osama bin Laden
5. Queen Elizabeth



  1. Oi pundek, I tagged you early-early,

    you oso never notice hor? So sad.....promise never to come and read your blog liao.

  2. cipet, answered exactly like a millionaire.

  3. Favourite toys firearms and explosives??? What is that?? Firearms = pistol. (water pistol??) explosives = shooting your white starch everywhere??

    Me clever or not har??


  4. helen: You lagi humsap than Lin Peh la !


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