17 January 2006

Ahbeng ran over his own Dog (Wong Choy)

One day while Ahbeng was reversing out of his porch, he accidently ran over Wong Choy (his dog). Ahbeng got down immediately get down from his car to take a look at Wong Choy's conditions.

Wong Choy is not moving and Ahbeng got worried, he put Wong Choy into the passenger seat and rush to the nearest Vet. After a brief examination the Vet told Ahbeng

Vet : Soli la, too late ledi he die aredi ler
Ahbeng : Are you sure ?? is there anything you can do to bring him back ??? Wong Choy saved my life during a fire in my previous house and I want you to do everything you can to bring him back to live!!
Vet : Well, there is one more thing that we can try. But i will need your approval for it.
Ahbeng : Just do it! anything to make Wong Choy alive again!!
Vet : I must warn you, its quite expensive ok ?
Ahbeng : Just do it doc!

The Vet left the room for a while and he come back with a cat, he place the cat over Wong Choy and let the cat sniffed Wong Choy from head to tail, after that the cat "meow" 2 times.

Vet : Im soli Ahbeng, the cat confirmed that your dog is offically dead.
Ahbeng : OH NO!!!
Vet : Dont be too sad, life is lidis wan .... releks brader
Ahbeng : tenkiu doc, i wanna go home and cry liow ..... how much is the bill ?
Vet : Suma kira, RM1,050
Ahbeng : WHAT??!!! you dint even manage to save Wong Choy, you did nothing !!! and now you are charging me RM1,050 !!!! What did you do that cost RM1,050 ???
Vet : Well Ahbeng , the consultation is RM50 la ... then the "CAT Scan" is RM1,000 so total is RM1,050 lar!



  1. mahai! you really eat full already nothing to do hor. like this kind of joke oso you can think of.
    you so free why never do my meme?

    That was hilarious!!

  3. Niamah...kena bluff by wingz liao!

  4. like that ka CAT SCAN. now i know oredi ahahahhahahahahaha

  5. muahahaha, no wonder the doctor mia house got a lot of cats...

  6. Wahahaa. Erm chialat. This is "cold". Hahah! :)

  7. hahah!! like that also can? I thought that "cat scan" only applied to old man or vampire body..ekekek

  8. lame 99 la! haha. But i spent 2 seconds to figure out what was the CAT scan... haha!

  9. at 1st i thought that VET are going to eletra.. er... eletro-shock that dog.... you know like frankie-stain movie...
    muah ha ha ha you really kena me this time......

  10. btw... are u sure or not...? that dog die like that....ran over by car still in 1 piece ah?
    if u wan con us again make sure put a real thin la...

  11. Catscan!! Good one!! lol

  12. Anonymous9:47 am

    OMG Wong Choy is OK rite!!?!? OMG me heart almost jump out!! >.<


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