25 January 2006

Chinese New Year Shopping Trip - 4th Round Already !!!!

I think those of you with wife(s) or girlpren(s) shud gone thru this alredi, I mean Chinese New Year shopping. I done 3 rounds and today is my 4th round.

Me : Again ? i thot you bought all the stuffs you wanna buy for CNY ledi!
Bini : I forgot to buy potted plants
Me : Potted plants ? for what ?
Bini : neh every year we got buy those potted flowers on leh
Me : What happened to the one you bought last year ?
Bini : Die ledi la
Me : Then this one u gonna buy will also die soon after CNY la ?
Bini : erm ... yar
Me : Lidat buy plastic flower better la
Bini : I ask you go Carrefour oni u tok so much for what ? you wanna go anot now ?
Me :

*1 hour later - As usual, the trip to pick up a few pot of flowers ended up with a full trolley of stuffs - minus the flowers*

Me : trolley full ledi but i dont see any flowers ?
Bini : full ledi ar ? full ledi ngam la. flowers put on top so they wont get squashed la. Come we go garden department there.

*Push trolley follow behind*

Me : eh u slow slow choose la, i go toys department and see anything to get for lil devil anot.
Bini : ok dont come back so fast hor !
Me :

*30 minutes later my handphone is ringing*

Me : finish ledi ar ?
Bini : Yar faster come n push the trolley too heavy i knot push myself
Me : ok ok kambing

This is how the trolley looks like when i arrive

Me : 3 pots only?!! enuff anot ? you dont pull me come here again tomlo, if u wanna come u diam diam drive yourself here. I dont even wanna know ok ?
Bini : Enuff laa the flower here not very nice one, tomolo i ask mum to bring me go nursery and buy sommo.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The Plant with Red and Green flower

Me : Eh ... what plant is this ? got red got green flower wan ?
Bini : This one also u dunno ar ?
Me : dunno ... so ?
Bini : this one is Chilli padi la !!!
Me : WTF!!! Chilli Padi !!!! since when ppl use cilipadi as Chinese New Year flower ?
Bini : dunno but since market is gonna be closed for a few days, so i thot why dont buy this plant. Then if i ran outta chilli i can plug from here. Look nice also mah red red got ong leh ! Put on dinning table there can plug directly from the tree and eat! convenient anot ?
Me : *Bang head on wall*

This is why women shud be banned from doing CNY shopping!!! go buy flower but ended up buying cili padi tree!!!! I think tomlo my blood pressure gonna increase again. *sigh*



  1. Hey lu evely nite noneed to sleep one har? So late liao still got post one?

    Btw, it is better to get the kumquat tree. Ong mar, plus flee olen jui. Onli if you are not scared of herbicide poisining (they used a lot of this).

  2. why she never buy some chicken, pig, or duck? During CNY, all the shops closed can potong ownself what? also can buy some padi shoots. plant in your garden, then during CNY can harvest, no need to buy rice.

  3. apa lah... cili also can ah?
    so after your CNY eve dinner... must be all gone liao lah the red red thingy... lidat also can!

    "Jah Dou!!"

  4. Bring gals shop for cny things really chamz. Bring them shop for clothes better. lolz.

  5. -_-"

    good idea. But the chili padi hot or not jek? Have u try ah?

  6. ahahahaha...sedap also if u eat rice then eat the cili padi as ulam. u must try :D

  7. *make farting sounds with armpits*

  8. women memang like that la ...
    my gf said she wanted get me some short pants so she went to the night market but she came back with other stuff minus my pant ... *sob sob*

  9. Aiyoh...these days I make my wife list down the things she wants to buy and go once or twice kau tim.
    Otherwise, ho mm tak han wan. They got damn farking many things to buy wan.
    Like you I orso kena follow like gong-gong like dat.

  10. So did she ever got a potted flowers when she wanted to get a chili padi plant before? :D

  11. wah..geng ar....ah sou really geng..like dat aso can think of..put on dinner table, easy access..

  12. howsy : at nite i work as jaga! so knto sleep laaa not as lucky as u all *sigh*

    ahpek : woman mahhh ... as if u dunno

    eggy : sigh ... women laa! i also 1st time hear ppl buy chili padi as CNY deco

    Jayus : shop for clothes ? my bini can finish walking all sg.wang, bkt bintang, lot 10, the tangs, kl plaza and she told me she couldnt find any clothes ngam her wan!!!! how to shop with her ???!!!!

    frostier : i allergic to cili wan

    applepie : knot ler i knot take cili punya ... sakit tekak

    5xmom : why with armpit ? sifutlung no power ledi ? kakakakaka *runs*

    inevitable : sigh we are the victim here! my bini go pasak malang come home with so much food it gonna takes us 3 days to finish it!

    cocka : make list also if she dun follow no use also wat ? wat to do .. kena follow ngong ngong lidat la lol

    bryan : hahaha maybe later i ask her lol

  13. hmmm. how to stop her ar? no need stop. u let her shop then u go do other things, when she finishes go pick her up. lolz.

  14. Wei, your bini 100% sure the cili is cili padi or not?? Because I know there are now some kind of ornamental chilies (plant) for display only. This kind cannot eat one!! Make sure first!!

    Seriously, to shop during CNY time is damn sian. Pushing the trolley around the crowd is just the beginning... the worst part is to queue up to pay!! To me, I prefer to do all these early... nearing new year, I do not go out at all!! Oh, you're staying in KL.. so, new year time all should be nice and peaceful lar?? Sei lor!!... half of Kl come Ipoh... I die lor....lol

    BTW... how many days you close shop for CNY??

  15. aigh, that always happens to me lar. Want to buy 1 thing, come out with 10 things, minus that 1 thing.

    That's why i like to go shop alone! peace and no rush...

  16. aiyah! that's why so many ppl shop for last minit... got the felling mah...
    me me oso think shop early.., like my story i buy my CNY shirt 3months ago at tesco. then last i go to fajar, buy other 1 (lol)evericheap lo rm 10 loh!...
    i think shopping last minit is more save ur money BUT NOT ON CNY EVE that not worth it....
    you got trafic jam while you paying,traffic when pay parking fee and traffic when you go home....

  17. hohohoho Kesian u. 4 round of shopping.

    Cili padi hohoho good idea. Cili padi more expensive now. hahha So can save save.

  18. next time, i keep the cili padi seeds....u plant them and they will be readyfor next years CNY laa....haiyo...like dat u save on the flowermoney la.....

    llike dat oso i must teach u ka?

  19. Haha. Your wife is sure imaginative :)

    Btw, you should put those lil bamboo potted plants. Some are even twisted. It's said to be good for fortune and all the feng shui thingy la. Even Ikea in UK got sell, believe it or not? I think 12 pounds for a pot.

  20. soli typo error

    i meant u keep the padi seeds, don wash but just keep in air tight kontener, and start planting a few months b 4 the nex CNY

  21. helen : hahaha KL jam free FINALLY !!!!! everyone stroming to Yeepoh !!!

    King's Wife : wuahh u can be my prove that women is best at this kinda event lol

    surfnux : kesian lehhhh ur turn kambing soon lol

    siao char bor : plant padi ? i dont have kerbau wor how?!

    tesited heels : Got buy those bambo thingy but its hidden behind the box in the trolley so u cant see it

  22. Anonymous10:19 pm

    bugger la...lol

  23. haha!! gooD luck to you!!!...funny post!!


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