14 January 2006

Dont call Tomlo.sg la! call yourself Yesday.sg, sukahati.sg or semalam.sg la

Weekend edition, today we got news from across the border and manyak kelakar wan. If you tarak follow the story you should goto Shaolintiger's blog and read all about it. Some sohye trying to frame xialanxue and his buddy blinkymummy by using xialanxue nick but thanks to her VERY high IQ level she TER-exposed herself and tell the whole world who she really is alredi KAKAKAA!!! Mahye ... toking bout shooting yourself on the foot!! i bet you its sure farkingly painful wan !!! WUAHAHAHAHAHA

This is classic MAN!!! faster go read bout it bcoz not everyday u see fehmes bloggers make fun of themself lidis!!! You will regret if you dont goan read! Dont say I no tell you!

Buden this is not what i wanna tok to you about, actually i let you all know how lucky you are to have PPS, PPS dont delete or take down your entry just bcoz they dont like it. You can even whack Aiz (the PPS mia boss) but your article still will get published. Across the border, where they tokED bout what what farking fake editorial integrity ..... the truth is they will farkingly delete your submission EVEN IF ITS PUBLISHED!!!! If you fark 9 one of their "member" Oi!! you all no DICKtionary wan ka ? u know what is editorial integrity anot ?

Dem kaw men-xiaxue-kan laa .... lidis dont call TOMLO.SG la!!! call YESDAY.SG or SEMALAM.SG or SUKAHATI.SG or I-LIKE-AH.SG better la ... the name more suitable bcoz u all suka-suka main delete delete wan ... after delete then u tell peeple bout editorial integrity KAKAKAKA!!! Farking funny lar u all!! Itulah!! this is what u get from drinking
NEwater too much! HAHAHAHA

Anyway, that one their pobem la right ? I just wanna make sure you all get this luff before i forgot bout it. Before I chow I wanna share with you an email i got from one of my brader, this email entitled "Asia Tallest Blogger" then i open got this pic of a group of lady in the pic then i burst into histerical luffter!!! She is indeed "VERY THE TALL" !!!! The pic i think ori la, not like all her published pics, those are photoshopped ledi wan. Enjoy looking at it !!! dont drool pulez!

Tall anot ?



  1. OMG!!!!!!! that is one of the biggest hugest dumber, dumberer and dumbererst joke I've seen in my whole full entirely semua sesak kao exploded traffic jam life!!!

    Xiaxue (read as xia suay) memang!!!

    I wonder what Kenny Sia would say for her this time.

  2. shame on her. she is really meng-xiaxue-kan!

    how dumb she can be? dumber than that? =)

    i cant kutuk her height, i think i am still shorter than her. is that a big deal being short, uncle rojaks? ???

  3. http://xialanxue.blogspot.com/2006/01/xiaxue-expos.html

  4. rofl. good 1. damn nice

  5. No idea what is happening... will go check....

    BTW, no ringtones today ar?? lol

  6. Wah,really men-xia xue-kan ler. How tall do u think that is? Got reach 150 cm or not? Honestly ler, It's not about the height, she really looks overweight. lolz :X

  7. hahahah asia's tallest building. Hey great job man

  8. Oi, Wingz wingz ar, how come the link to me so weird wan? http:/http/swiftywriting.blogspot.com??

    Xiaxue burnt your mind lar.

  9. Even if XX did that, you should not have insulted her in that childish manner.

    Doing so you show yourself to be an asshole.

  10. Y u tok about my sis like dat???? Wat did she do to u?

  11. alex : xiaxue ?? eh this post i where got mention xiaxue ? this post is to komen on tomlo.sg laaa aduh u misunderstand liow lol

    cynthia : you mean thats xiaxue in the pic ?? alamak i didnt know laaa!! i thot is which girl!!

    frostier : good lehhh

    helen : ringtone ar ? i still rying to figure out how to put 2 ringtones on one page n dont screw it up lol

    jayus : wuahh ... i derno that one is xiaxue lerrr

    justin : building ? asia tallest builgin is not in taiwan lol

    eliar : fixed

    bsjj : i think you derno how to read one la ... i where got mentioned xiaxue in my post? you taken your medication ledi anot ? You see hor if speaking the truth gonna get me labelled as an asshole hor .. then u also an asshole also wat ? KAKAKA nice to meet you ASSHOLE!!!

    kstang : see lar they all thot i m toking bout xiaxue! actually i m toking bout kstang mia sista la!!!

  12. hohohoho hot news.

  13. I wonder if she becomes a air stewardess, will she be able to close those overhead compartments? Maybe as she stretches her hands to close them, her Baju Kebaya EXPLODES! wait a minute, wil she be able to be 1?

  14. Oi Rojakz, next time you blog controversial post like this, plug 9 me la. Nothing oso simply mention me jugak mah. I want traffic!


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