16 January 2006


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Saturday evening, Nam's farewell dinner as shes leaving for USA to further her studies. She suggested this Italiano Restaurant Place call PARADISSO in Taman Desa/Taman Danau Desa. I never been there before even tho I talked to buaya69 bout going to this place a few times ledi but still didnt managed to try their food yet despite the intentions.

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My first impression of this place "Neighbourhood Italiano KOPITIAM" lucky i no wear tie go there if not will looks like ahbeng kluar kampung lol, they do not emphasize on decor therefore its kinda plain and looks like your regular kopitiam even tho its air condED. Nam assured us the food gonna compensate for what it lack of in decor. there are 7 of us, so they joined 2 table together to accomodate all 7 persons to the table.

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Everyone got themself a seat and start reading the menu. I m speed reading the MENU as I m almost starving ledi. So many choices, so little time! The price actually very reasonable, with main course ranging from RM20ish untill RM30ish. Starter and Dessert also equally reasonably priced.

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Even Lil Devil got himself a MENU too!

Service is exceptionally good, Lil DEvil gets a spesel sets of fork, spoon, knife and plate for kids. He even getting his own Menu too.

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Lets EAT!!! Lil Devil getting ready to eat.

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Mushroom soup, Look at those fresh mushroom!!

It wasnt long before our food arrive, prolly there arent losa ppls around the. First to arrive were the starter, I ordered soup as starter Mushroom soup and when the soup arrive I m so suprise to see they are using fresh mushroom instead of the dry shitake mushroom. This is not those campbell mushroom soup type of soup, this one is definitely one of the best msuhroom soup i ever tasted.

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Spaghetti Cabonara, erm ....

Spaghetti Cabonara was the first main course to arrive, i tried a little of this spaghetti. I dunno whether its me or its really not that good. I m not a spaghetti person myself but the fler who ordered it said it is very good. I guessed he might be correct! lol

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Lamb Ribs ... lamb!!! yucks ...

Im Definitely not a fan of lambs meat, from the look of it, its delicious but I rather just look at it than to have a piece of it in my mouth. Thank but no thanks. Its not the lamb .... its me!

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Chicken Gordon blue.

Chicken Gordon Bleu, this is the bestest chicken i tasted for quite some time. Its juicy, tender, aromatic. 2 chicken breast cooked to perfection and separated by a layers of vegetable and mushroom with thick and aromatic garlic sauce. Definitely MAMAMIA~~~ *highly Recomended*

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RM 258.39 for 7 persons, average bout RM 40 per head. RM40 for Starter(mushroom soup), Main course (varies), Dessert (banana split) and drinks. WHAT A BARGAIN!!!

Lets see what our culinary & food expert is saying bout their food, price, services and enviroments

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GOOD!!!! *Thumbs up!*

If you are in around the area, stop by this place and give yourself a treat!

5-0-2, Jalan 3/109F,
Danau Business Centre,
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-7981-9996



  1. did u comb BD's hair? wtf lol

  2. Apasal in the first pic, your lil devil got side parting and when finished eating, the side parting oso disappeared liao? Food so good, hair oso stands?

  3. Your little devil's hair is so cute! Do you have the same hairstyle too? :D

  4. ur right, that speghetti carbonara doesn't look like carbonara...the lamb has to be cooked right or else will smell funny wan lah but price is very reasonable bor! i go cari lu, u take me there hor!

  5. you kambing don eat, sphagetti don eat, wan to eat chicken only. what lah you.

    you very senang isn't it? i tag you, give you something to do.

  6. buahahhaha, your lil devil got haircut like wonggam8leong lehh...

    are you sure the dude in the header banner is not you?

  7. wohohoo italiano. Bro, try the Uno Pizza at Taipan Business Park or Bandar Utama Center Point. Super duper yummy. But go there earlier, around 7 like that. Cos by 8, sure queueing up already.

    lil devil so cutee... hoho Nice pic when he shows the thumbs up. hoho

  8. bm : tarak comb .... selak pakai saliva oni lol

    5xmom : i use water to comb abit his hair only lol .... just to take pikchure

    bryan : cute lehh!!! i cut wan leh!! u want me to cut for u anot ??

    wuching : ya la lamb got one kinda funny smell wan ... i beh tahan that smell ... so stinko

    aj[ek : I also eat lumbu, ayam, itik, babi, kangaroo, ostrich, monyet, biawak lol

    alex : haha i cut for him wan lar ... the fler got hair cut fobia wan if bring him to barber the felr will howl haha

    bro : taipan kat maner wan ? lol


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