5 January 2006

Feng Sui for the Year Of Dog

I was dragged outta my opis to company a
Jack, a buddy of mine to shopping for Feng Shui stuffs in Mid Valley Megamall (MVMM) . The fler told me that he read some books written by Lilian Too and he felt the need to change the Feng Shui of his house so that he could harness the good chi during Chinese New Year to ensure his smooth sailing thru-out the year.

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So, we were in that "Feng Shui shop" selling all kinda Feng Shui ornaments from replica ancient chinese coins to 6 feet Kuan Kong statue. According to the book he read he needed some ancient coins, some kinda melon to capture the ghost, a what what 7 layers pagoda, windchimes, mystic knots, chinese compass, some strange swords, crystals, some weird koi drawings and heaps of other stuffs which i dont remember anymore. The bill actually comes to around RM1,200+ and that is not all of it! some of the items were out of stock and he hafta order them in advance and come back to pay for it once the stock arrive. I figured the bill come easily to RM1.5k-1.7k

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Just outta curiousity I asked the cashier :

Me : Mr. Cashier do you know bout Feng Shui ?
Cashier : Yes i do sir.
Me : Then do you think all these stuffs is gonna make any differences to my buddy's life in the future ?
Cashier : Yes they will certainly do sir! Your friend's life will start changing, especially with all these items around his house. In fact I can feel his chi is getting stronger even as we speak.
Jack : Wuah sure anot ? so fast meh ?
Cashier : Sure sir.

The conversation ended, as we walking towards Jack's car in the parking lot this conversation took place :

Jack : You think the cashier just nw for real anot ar ?
Me : What you mean ?
Jack : He said my luck is changing even as I was paying for the items
Me : I think he speaks the truth
Jack : You feel it too ?
Me : Yea I certainly did, your monthly salary only RM2k+, CNY is kambing and you just spent more than half your monthly salary on useless junks like this, of coz its gonna change your life la! Dont say that cashier can sense your life is changing la, blind also can see that you are gonna eat roti kosong till CNY is over.

The moral of the story, if everyone can bcome rich by just placing a pot of fake gold and treasure in the northwest korner of their house then there wont be any poor peeples in thos world liow la! From what i can see, the only fler whois gonna make it rich with all this treasure vase/pot theory is the fler who come out with the idea themselves!

I mean, why cant they come out with something thats free? like put a pile of your own shit underneath the sofa at the northwest korner of your living room and you will be rich ? Hey its free advice ok ? you can produce your own shit so you dont hafta buy anything to try this theory so you got nothing to lose. So i would appreciate some feedback from anyone who is willing to try this theory of mine out, lemme know the results LOL!


  1. Feng Sui lie you 8 years 10 years , I 9394 pre-dick Rojak year of the dog Yellow gold come until your toe..cum cum let me see your palm ..i charge you only 20 dollars to see your luck this year

  2. in fact, buy MY shit and place it on the northwest corner of your house. confirm fengshui (and the air in the area) change.

  3. go see Joey Yap lah. he always say no need to buy all this nonsense one.

  4. Lynn Yap say must carry calculator/abacus around. So, did you get them?
    I don't believe in it la. No point throwing out $$ to buy all these when you're not comfortable living with them. If like that, every year have to change the door house position ah?

  5. If the feng shui peeper no say this say that about changing things' position in your house, they will no business and pok kai lo. So maybe the more you buy from them, their feng shui getting better and better. lolz.

  6. My mum dun trust on lilian too already,she always wrote at the book and advise u buy this buy that,buy until like ur friend lol.Joey Yap better,she just advise u do put things at a correct place and didn't call u buy this but that

  7. Come to Lilian too la. I can read pretty well, do phat chee calculations and directional fengshui. No shit wan, I really can read fengshui wan. But Bible more 'leng'. Kehkehkeh

  8. 9394 : oi frostier only charging 10 bucks laaa

    frostier : but the ahpek at petaling street only charging 2 bucks for a prediction lol

    butty : hahaha how much u wanna sell you shit ?

    ahpek : Joey Yap is Suanie's mia sifu ler

    surfnux : when ppl desperate ledi hor they cuba macam macam wan la

    lil patchee : carry calculator around ? then kira what with it ar ? kira bulu izzit ? LOL! this year my lucky korner is my toilet !! i kena spend most of my time there!!! hahaha

    jayus : ya lo the more we buy the better their feng shui lol

    yhtan : eh Joey yap is a guy ler not aunty lol .... later suanie come kill u

    5xmom : u mean come to Lilian Chan izzit ? Lilian Chan the yehsow fengshui master! use bibble and cross wan! hahaha

  9. Lil Patchee.....I find Lynne Yap 2005 prediction damn eerily accurate.
    She predicted big floods (katrina), earthquakes(pakistan), terrorist attacks (Bali & London tube).
    She also warned about aircrashes-2005 saw quite a few. the death of a prominent figure-the Pope.
    Trying to get hold of her 2006 prediction. Anyone got it?

  10. Seriously, do you believe in Feng Shui?? lol

    I don't because the whole universe is so damn big, placing an aquarium here and there cannot possibly make a difference!! Psychologically yes, realistically, I doubt it.

    **whisper** I heard rumor one donkey from my town (u know where) went to KL to consult the lady who share the same name with 5xmom. The consultation alone cost RM100++ K.... not inclusive those apparatus....

    I was thinking, do these feng shui masters issue guaratee cards??


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