11 January 2006

Ahbeng in Australia

in this story Ahbeng is the son of Ahpek, Ahpek is a rich and lansi tycoon and Ahbeng is a spoilt brat. Ahpek send Ahbeng to fehmes skool but Ahbeng rather ponteng to play pool. One Day Ahpek tulan Ahbeng ledi so he deicded to send Ahbeng to Australia and get him to learn how to be independent all by himself.

Ahpek : Ahbeng I m gonna send you to Australia to further your studies, u got too many parias frends here ledi, u wont be able to study here.
Ahbeng : Australia ??!!! but i knot tok yingrish lehhh
Ahpek : Nevermind, i alredi hired yingrish teacher for you, so you stay at home study yingrish good good before you go australia.
Ahbeng : Ok !
Ahbeng : *wuah australia got many any gwaimuis!!! i like!!*

6 months later Ahbeng is in Australia ledi, he bought himself a second hand Mazda RX7 FD sepot car (car very cheap in Australia) and drive like mad cow in the street drag racing with anyone who is willing to race with him.

One unfortunate day while racing he got into an accident with a gwailo, both Ahbeng and Gwailo got down of their car and had this conversation :

Gwailo : Wat da fark are you doing driving like that you basket!
Ahbeng : Soli angmoh! very the soli.
Gwailo : You are not suppose to race on public road!
Ahbeng : I got brake wan but i knot stop.
Gwailo : you should be ashamed of yourself for driving like a mad man.
Ahbeng : Soli la! I knot stop because my tyres no flower, no eat the road.
Gwailo :Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Actually there is no moral of the story .... i just wanna put one bcoz i think it rhymes well lol

When your oldman send you to skool
Dont skip skool go play pool!!



  1. I've got another rhyme.

    When you play Pool
    Please do not drool
    People see already geli
    Later you wanna play but no kaki.

  2. I skip skool go play Chor Dai Dee. :D

  3. last time where got skip school to play pool wan? i skip school to ta kei wan mah.

  4. i think ahbeng lives next door to me..

  5. hehe! very funny la.

    I think got a lot of ahbeng live near my house also. Always can her the broom broom wan!

  6. Let me guess, Ah Beng got installed loud-loud speakers, high spoilers, and disco lights flashing from his under-carriage, right? Yeah, I seen him before.

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  8. last time hor, we skip skool to:
    play guli
    main gasing,
    fly kite,
    shoot birds with lastik,
    catch spider,
    catch small fish in the river,
    mandi laut in the mining pool, and
    masterbate the neighbour's dog by sticking a coca cola bottle up his dick. this was the most fun. that doggie like panting and all. legs all shivering ,saliva all dripping. till today, i think already still wanna laugh hahahaha!!!!!!

  9. hoi wingz!

    this tyre pictured is a super grip
    Yokohama Advan A048 semi slick tyres leh

    it's damn grip wan lor even the flower is like that

    so hor... u better change the picture to our local sime tyres no flower picture XD XD

    (forgot to sign off, ah-lian with lala car)

  10. LoL,that is the direct translact from mandarin to english.
    My father also face this joke when he was in University,
    One day a student came in and talk to the lecturer:"Sir,Sir,My bicycle no more air liao,come and help me!"
    that lecturer -_-"

  11. Waah Ah pek, we got something in common man! When I was a kid, my friends and I would wank-off a neighbor's dog too. But we use plastic bags as gloves. Sometimes we would wank him up and set him on some bitches.

  12. buahahaha, nabeh, this yingrish so the damn rule man!! I straight away pengsan if i heard someone say that to me. >.<

  13. When your oldman send you to skool,
    Dont skip skool go play pool,
    And look at girl and drool,
    Coz you'll look like a fool.

    Rhymes. Lolz.

  14. gulengz : tsk tsk tsk! i ask my sifu ahpek to fight poem with you lol

    bryan : chor dai dee ? so u r the apparentits of Dow Sun

    butty : skip skool tah fei kei ? hahahaha

    wuching : next door ? sure anot ?? u goan ask him bout his tyre n see la lol

    scorkes : your area got ahlians anot ? ahlians i interested leh

    cocka : eh my basikal also got all that but the disko light coz i ran outta place to install ledi lol

    ahpek : hahaha diu lor ... u tfk for a dog ??!!! mch eewwww thats farking gross!!! i done all that u said except tfk for a dog!!! you very the binthaii!!!

    lmf : wuah ... from the pic of the tayar thread u can tell what kinda tayar izzit ??? u really car god laaa. when can i test drive your lala car laa

    yhtan : basikal no more air lol

    cock : u n ahpek both also kaki beastality ... both also made loove to dogs before!! sommo its a male dog !!! OMFG!!! Gay Beastality !!!

    alex : haha eh u ask your wife to check the car tyres see got flower anot laa

    jayus : you wait i ask my sifu come fight poem with u lol

  15. Why so kiamsap dun go change new tyres??

    The tyres botak like wor siong already? Australian roads also the tyre so teruk... if he's back driving on Malaysian road, he mati lar?? lol.

  16. Ah wingz. If win your sifu got prize win ka? lolz. :X


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