28 January 2006

Rojaks Giving Lucky Chinese New Year 4D Number again !!!

Today only a few of us went back to the office to work as most of the staffs are already back in their hometown. There wasnt much to do either, the main reason we went back to the office today were because we wanna pray. We praying for a better year ahead and we pray for the well being of everyone in the factory/company.

Thin San (Sky God)

Dei Jee Kung (Earth God)

Dai Pak Kung (this one i dunno how to translate lol!)

The highlight of this praying ceremony were the 4D lucky number request. There is this josstick that will show 4 digits number once it is all burnt out. As we begin to light that particular lucky 4D josstick everyone gathers around the altar for a closer look, some even come with pen and paper others just store the numbers in their handphone LOL!

People gathering in front of the altar to take a closer look at the lucky numbers

The numbers that appeared are not very clear and it somehow represents different number to different people. Instead of 1 lucky number we ended up with like 15 possible combinations, which one to buy ? I fark them no free la! i buy my own prediction enuff liow la! I got feel very the ONG today lol!

You wanna know whats the lucky 4D number ? Nah! you take a look yourself la!

Lucky Josstick showing Lucky Numbers

Not clear enuff ? ok ok nah now letu have a closer look!

All 4 number finally shown here, be my guest, take a guess and go buy yourself a lucky 4D

Still cant see clearly ? then solilar this is exactly what we saw. Thats why everyone got their own version of what they saw and therefore we ended up with 15 different 4D numbers.

After looking at the Lucky Josstick whats your prediction ? Mind to share ar ? still got 2+ hours before Magnum4D, Toto and Damacai close for the day ler, if got tips fast fast gimme!!! i also wanna FATT CHOY !!! ONG AAAHHH!!!!

Kena ledi dun diam diam sial!! Kena ledi hafta treat Low Sang ok ?!!!! If not i sumpah kaw lu olangs!



  1. happy chinese new year, bro!

    :) have a great and prosperous year ahead!

  2. Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni, Happy Chinese New Year Rojakz, may the year brings bountiful of good luck, fruitful times, health, wealth and fullfilment in your life and your family. Cheers!

  3. If you didn't tell it's a Lucky Josstick, I also can't recognize it. Use micro shot lah next time. :P

    Anyway, ONG ah !!

  4. GONG XI FA CAI to you and your family. May 2006 bring lots of good luck, prosperity and health!!

  5. wah brader ... u sure can get 4D from that pic ar ??

    pow all the 15 numbers u found la, sure kena one ...

    Kong Hei Kong Hei ...

  6. Oi, teach you something.

    That joss-stick hor, you burn it like this. First burn, next pray, when the smokes start coming out from the mulut (there is a hole below, right), you MUST turn the lubang facing your tokong. That means, not anyone can see the number when it is slowly burning. And then hor, after the joss-stick finish, baru turn over.

    Aiks, don't let any of my Christian bros and siss see this post. I sure kena 99. Kahkahkah, 'cos last time I also very 'heng' burn this kind of joss-stick and I kena before dy.

    As for this one? I think tomolo I go church and ask Yesou to bless you and your family with good health and happiness enuff liao la. Kung Hei Fatt Choy, san thai kin hong.

  7. Gong xi fa chai. new year. new good luck. good luck in getting 4d. lolz.

  8. Wish you
    Dog Arrive Work Done,
    Step Step High Rise,
    Year Year Got Fish,
    One Road Smooth Wind,
    Out In Flat Safe,
    Smile Mouth Long Open,
    Heart Think Work Done,
    Dragon Horse Sperm God.
    Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!!!

  9. Happy New Year to everyone especially Ong wans!!!

  10. wingz you didnt kasi to me i oso know that 3 number oledi.... the 1st 1 is 5 right? the oter 2 i dont wan to post la
    later you reject my comment.....

  11. hey!!! Nice Rojak Blog u have here!! lots of nice interesting pics! hahaha!

  12. Hey !!! Happy Cheeena New Year!! wish you make big big big money!! and.. still wish you make big big money~!!! =P
    GOng Hee Huat Chai~!!!

  13. gong hee fa chai
    kin ni huat tua chai

  14. Happy Chinese New Year!!

  15. Happy Chinese New Year!!

  16. happy new year wingz!l


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