28 January 2006

YAHOO!!! NO TRAFFIC JAM IN Kuala Lumpur !!!!!!!

I reckon if everyday Kuala Lumpur's traffic condition is like this I will be able to live alot longer! All pictures taken about an hour ago.

Traffic conditions in MRR2 highway

Traffic conditions in Cheras Connaught Highway

Traffic conditions at Cheras - Kajang Highway Toll Plaza

No traffic at Cheras-Kajang highway !!!!

I guessed this is the time where those suckers who were in outskirt of KL will suffer the daily torment we have been going thru all these while!!!


Look at it this way la, we in KL most most also maybe can get 7 days like this wherelse you guys (who are not in KL) are getting it almost everyday so this is the only time where we gotta luff at suckers like you ! LOL!!! yea i know you can luff back at us for the rest of the year. Life's a bitch aint it ?

Anyway Drive safely !!! it doesnt pay trying to go home faster by speeding but to find out later that you are not ever gonna reach home at all!!! Please reduce our Automobile accident insurance claims !!!!

Kung Hei Fatt Choy !!!


  1. wow, that road in the last picture looks VERY inviting. :p

  2. and penang traffic is teruk... with lots of cars as most people balik kampung to penang and also people come to penang for makan angin.

    KONGSI FATT CHOY, wingz. yep i really hope you fatt fatt fatt, fatt choy all the way, all the time.

  3. Muahahaha !!! All those who live in Penang ... feel my suffering !!

    Wingz ... Kung Hei Fatt Tai Choy !!!

  4. Evil Wingz,

    Happy Prosperous New Year!! lol All those big city folks are now back in town. Ipoh is of course one of the victim.

    Enjoy yourself and wish you every game also Dai sam Yuen and Dai Sei Hei!!

    Gong Xi Gong Xi. lol

  5. luckylee my home town near to KL
    so trafic not bad...
    we still do last minit shopping.
    espesli 'gold' that we can eat! then we trow away the waste....
    and drinks.... fren come takkan want serve with plain water? later they say "kiam sap punya chu cu'

  6. yeah yeah. itu really no jam damn syok

  7. I see number plates start with "W" every where in Penang. :P

    Anyway, enjoy the wonderful holidays with no traffic jam and have a happy Chinese New Year !

  8. luckily i din go back to penang this year

    i shall enjoy the KL roads and mebbe pull some F1 stunts


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