21 October 2005


As of today ROJAKS DAILY/EVERiBoDi LAFU ROJAKS got promoted from PR4 to PR5.

PR ?? PR stands for Pagerank its a standard set by Google I think, if you wanna check your PR click HERE

According to v0ices (Rojak's crew)
GOOGLE PAGERANK is : it's how high the search engine ranks you ... so that your search will come out higher.

Watever that was, I still have no freaking idea what would people wanna search in google that I would have in my blog. Anyway with that aside, Stanch told me with PR5 I can start selling Link alredi ... so, who want me to link him/her ? 5 bucks per link!! 5 bucks per link !!! morah morah !!! mali mali!!!

Seriously, Can anyone tell me what can I do with my
GOOGLE PR anot ? I really dunno wtf izzit good for la lol!


  1. link me link me!!! I let u be my manager!!!! :P

    RM 5 too expensive lar. Rm 0.50 can? =P

  2. Wanna make use of your PR? Link me. Kekeke ... =P

    I just realized all pro-bloggers are PR5 now. Hahhaha....

  3. how come we laubeh gang also you no link me?
    no flen u liao :P

  4. i thot PR stands for Public Rubbish?

  5. Wingz,

    Gong Hei, Gong Hei!! When is the celebration banquet dinner?? I am in Ipoh, so, cannot attend. Maybe you can just courier one bottle XO/champagne for me to celebrate for you.... if not, simply link me lar!!!!

    *Hari ini dalam sejarah blog... Rojakz sama rank dengan femes blogger. Malaysia Boleh*

  6. Google is 10. Yahoo is 9. Figures.

  7. www.suanie.net is 5
    suanie.net is 4

    aper ni

  8. liz : ok deal!!! wuahaha pls call me manager from now on!!

    bryan : hahaha e Stanch is PR7 ok??!! he is the grandfader of all Problogger!! hahahaha nanti after my pagerevamp edi i link u la, then i send u the bill :P

    egghead : eh laubeh geng dapat diskaun 50% so RM2.50 per month lol!

    ahpek : almost same also la ... i dont see any use of this PR thing. Mo money also wanna buy ohkau with PR also knot :(

    Helen : u show me more pics of your FC 1st ler ... then i link u in exchange lol

    din : hahah google tak mau kasi yahoo same level with them!!! lol

    suanie : huh ? different one ka ? lemme try ... eh both same for me ler, maybe all those in blogspot memang PR5 kot hahaha!!!

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  10. cipet rojaks never link to me? i just realised.

  11. Please send me the Pro-blogger keyboard as well. Without it I can't be Pro-blogger, thus, can't reach PR5. =P

    Berapa lu charge? Bagi discount a bit lah.

  12. yalor this wingz got PR5 also neber link me wan... cheh... :P

  13. congrats...i'm newbie here and i read your blog....
    rojakblog very nice...good job,keep it up

  14. link me, link me... i give you complementary colema therapy for your whole family... better than Rm5.

  15. ya la mcp, you oso neber link 9 me leh! i oso pagerank 4 leh!

  16. KY : mch page under revamping process, I think nx month should be done la. sabar sabar

    bryan : problogger keybod temporarily out of stock. lol

    Simon : soli lar taikor ... nx month haaaa revamping under process ... eh u got link me anot one ar ?

    yhtan : eh here in rojaks noone is a newbie, everyone is kaki ... hmm it even rhymes :P

    samm : ok set!!! deal!! whole family ok!!

    butty : link link !!!

  17. kung hei! kung hei!

  18. Wei, lansi hor? I un-link you, you terus dropped one point baru tau. Isk! Go link my http://malaysiabest.net la. Pleasssseee.

  19. hehe.....the page rank means what ar??i click the link ady..but still like nth ...i can't see my pagerank la...hehe..i like your blog so much..so funny !!
    I love rojak too...hahahahaha

    hehehe..make use of you Pr ? Link me la....i give u 5 bucks..hahahaha
    joke joke...

    from : YInYin


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