10 October 2005


Actually all the while I also a PROBLOGGER la, but I just notchet announce only. Why I only announce now ? Bcoz last Saturday I go yum char with a bunch of fehmes bloggers (Mack, Paultan, Suanie, KY, ShaolinTiger, foxtrotecho and v0ices) and I intro myself to them lidis :

*offer handshake* "Hi! Im Rojaks,

So today i kena announce I m a PROBLOGGER lo... LOL! Anyway some of them dont belif I m a PROBLOGGER and I promised them that I will prove to them on Monday with all the sapoting facts that I m a PROBLOGGERS.

BEHOLD !!! Lemme show to you all the tool only a PROBLOGGER would own!!!

A Problogger's Keyboard

Its a keyboard with SPESEL KEY, this keyboard are specially made for PROBLOGGERS. If you intend to be a PROBLOGGER like me you must definitely, absolutely need this keyboard!

Current we have this
PROBLOGGER keyboard model CnP-l33t in stock!! Call now and we will throw in a pair of PROBLOGGER typing gloves so you can blog in style!!! the gloves are made of shit-thetik material taken from a Bull, we call it "PROBLOGGER Bull-Shit Glove!!!

Purchase 3 units of
CnP-l33t Keyboard and we will throw in a free copy of Oxford Yingrish and Grammar DicKtionary for PROBLOGGERS absolutely FOC!!!

Call this number now! 1-800-
PROBLOGGERS-BULLSHIT+GLOVES to be eligible for this limited time offer!!

PROBLOGGERS gets a further 20% discount. Offer valid while stock last!

P.S. : The above entry are created solely for entertaiment purposes only, you are free to make any assumptions but please do not hold me accountable for it.


  1. how much, how much? *signs up for 50% discount for first to comment*

  2. What the hack man...
    How much? I need to start problogging to support college liao...

  3. eh, wot quali as a pro-blog-er other than the keyboard, bull-ish gloves ah...got degree on offer la?

  4. totoro : ok set! u 1st customer i gibe 50% discount!!!

    n305er : for lu ... USD199.99 i gibe free DicKtionary !!!

    cameljoe : good idea! I will setup a U for probloggers soon!!!

  5. i like the bull shit glove. i dowan to be a pro so i don need key board. i wan the glove to wipe my shit. can isn't it? wipe bull shit aso can.

  6. Mahal betul...
    Dowan liao...

  7. ahpek : u blanja me ohkau 12 botol la! i kasi lu the bullshit gloves for free!!

    n305er : eh after u turn problogger liow u can make USD2-3k a month you know ???!!!! worth it lehhh!!!

  8. Yalah, yalah, probroker.

    How much is it? Eh, we all stay so near, kire cheaper sikit lah.

  9. Woi, what problogger u talking about ah? I blur blur la. Prostitute Blogger ah?

  10. Wah, so ekspensif ar?

    Wingz belanja lar, can? =P

  11. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Ya lah, ppl got Toilet College, why not we have a Problogger College?

    So siapa tu Lecturers? Siapa mau jadi Dean?

    HmmMMm...have to set up a multimedia room using the specel keyboard. =P

  12. When you setup the bloggers university, Hire me as one of the lecturers lah...

  13. i need to get that keyboard!

  14. Anonymous4:08 pm

    niamfulattt... gathering of probloggers tapia tak ajak I sama


  15. Anonymous4:28 pm

    LOL! Eh... Sound like... Problogger = Researcher? Wakakakaka...

  16. kiasi : ok lar i kasi u free stuffs la ... u buy 1 i also kasi bullshit gloves and DICKtionary ok anot ? lol

    willwolf : wuah problogger u derno ?? making lotsa money wan man!!!

    liz : wuah ... u mau jadi problogger must out modal abit la ... but tonite u kam my houz lar we tok abit about the price in private ok ? lol

    bryan : I jadi lecturer la ... i m PROblogger what ?? i kasi u jadi manager in charge of girls affairs one la lol ... who ask u so lengjai ? kakakaka

    n205er : knot!!! u notchet buy the problogger keyboard you knot be problogger yet!!!! lol

    KY : kam kam USD 199.99 oni .. cheap cheap !!!!

    FA : ya la i dem dissapointed when i know u not there .. almost wanna turn bek liow ... i thot can take pic with u and boost my blog trehpik ! *sigh*

    wongpk : soli research research tak main .. we Major in CnP!!!

  17. gayboard ah? i dowan gayboard and i am a problogger ...

  18. Anonymous5:13 pm


  19. cool! But I need "copy and paste" key only. "search" tak payah lah.

  20. Anonymous6:15 pm

    I see, I thought the gloves ar, is to help to cover fingerprint one... in case got people jeles u pro-blogger, report u. So, when polis come, they cannot trace your fingerprints. I watch CSI learn one lar.

  21. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Uncle Rojakz, apatu problogger?

    Issit Prostitute blowjob bugger short form issit?

    Very innocent blogger who is the first problogger in Malaysia because she never work and only blog. :O)

  22. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Can I be the receptionist? LoL...

  23. Special keyboard no shiok!

    I think you need business cards to announce to the world you are a problogger. You can add in the logo of your site with the site address and everyone will be so impressed including the leng luis!

  24. inevitable : u knot be a probloger without the keyboard la!!! its a must have for probloggers!!!! kinda like a degree lidat lol!

    ivan : wuah your luff very fake la

    lcf :-_-" wuah u sure u the real lcf anot ?

    helen : in the blogsphere the probloggers all show face wan no nid to hide iden ( i m the only exception :P)

    anon : chicken !!!!! i mean prostitue blogging is chicken !!!

    5xmom : helo amende ??

    bryan : receptionist ??!!! knot knot!! later the entrance jammed pack with girls asking for your autograph!!!

    boolicious : must sapot my keyboard la!!! kasi i untung sikit ma ... namekad also i can print ... full set one stop service center for probloggers!!! call now!!!

  25. fuseh, i oso wan a problogger keybod liao.

    i wanna be fehmes oso lor.

  26. Anonymous11:33 pm

    wtf.. yalor.. y didnt ajak me also. I am problogger also

    Eh.. send me everything u sell for pro-blogger also. Masuk buku 555

  27. butty : come come problogger keybod still in stock but selling like hot cakes liow!!! FAITIT!!!

    frostier : you mean our Problogger CnP NooB deluxe set huh ? wuah that one not launch yet, Pls subscribe to our newsletter and we will inform you when we doing the launch. Launching of the new products will be held at mandarin hotel KLCC, Dress code : Sarong+Bow Tie wuahahahaha!!!

  28. Anonymous1:57 am

    Oi, I have only Bow Tie but dun hav Sarong lah, so how? Can I go naked with only Bow Tie on my neck ah?

    LoL ...

  29. mahai,
    the toll-free number don't work geh?

    i want my PROBOLLOCKS keyboard, gloves and yingrish dicktionary NOW! waaaaaaaaaaaa....

  30. bryan : bogel with bow tie ? sounds like gigolo to me lol

    mob1900 : HOT LINE!! try again !!!! phone has been ringing non stop !!! lol!

  31. Don't buy anything without Sirim approval. ;)


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