16 October 2005

I Won a Virgin Fansign

Yea, you read it right ... its a Virgin fansign from Liz, LOL! You guys dun jeles ok ?

The below were quote picked up from Liz's blog
I got Jaclyn to help me pick the winner(s), so I wouldn't be biased and only choose somebody that I knew ... And we picked:

*jeng jeng jeng*

Wingz of Rojaks fame. (If you don't already know this guy, go read Rojaks! It's one of my fave blogs ever!)

This feels a bit weird, 'cause Wingz is so fehmes and all, but Jaclyn doesn't read Rojaks ('cause she's not a regular blog reader =P) so she isn't biased or anything. Anyway, Mr. Wingz said:

"I read Liz Bcoz shes the chun-est chicks in the blogsphere!!!! and I lebiuu!!!"

Actually, we picked him mainly cause ... NOBODY USES "I LEBIU". :P

Jaclyn: What's 'lebiu'???

Me: err... I dunno. Probably 'love you'?

Jaclyn: WAH! That's so cute!

Ahaha. Anywayz, just to prove that Liz keeps her promises, here's an ultimately sucky but first fansign I ever made:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Da Fansign by Liz

Liz is actually a very talented young writer, its not a suprise why Im addicted to her blog, not forgetting shes blardee Chun too!!! The Chun-est Chick in Msia blogsphere!! AND shes currently SINGLE!!!..... What you guys waiting for ?? FAST FAST!!! sape cepat lia lapat !!!!

P.S.: I lebiu = I love you


  1. *GASP*


    Wahh ... Thanks wei, Wingz! :P


  2. Wah lau. Now u make me very jeles liao. Hahaha

  3. waaa.. very action hor, got leng lui send photo to u.

  4. eeee...rojaks got...girl...fan! wah, so, you da man now la. plz behave no abuse you celeb power ok. Cheers!

  5. wah i also lebiu...(not wingz, the cun chick,ok?)

  6. liz : dont faint~~~ come come i gibe lu CPR ... *slurps* I lebiu too!!

    Willwolf : i lagi jeles kat all your sexy mushy gfssssss.

    ahpek : come come i kaisiew sama lu kat Liz

    Joec : celeb pahwer ? soli ler i dunwanna be celeb i just wanna be me da foul mouth rojaks lol!

    din : wuah ... i m sweating ledi ... lucky its not for me *phew*

    totoro : wuah cipet lu ... manyak cepat hor .. terus i lebiu liz kakakaka ...

  7. Waah, Wingz got pretty girl leb ar? Becareful bini buy the device from Ah Pek wor. lol

  8. Wah, Problogger got fansign. *Salute Salute*


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