20 October 2005

Initial D Fans - AKINA SPEED STAR Latest CAR!!

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Initial D's fans will definitely remember this image, Takumi in his TOYOTA AE86 drifting down Akina Hill. Akina Speed Star is actually made of 3 main cars, namely Nissan Slyvia, 180SX and TOYOTA Levin AE85. Some would argue Takumi and his TOYOTA AE86 is also once a part of Speed Star but some also argues that Takumi and his TOYOTA AE86 has never been a part of Speed Star (officially).

More about Akina Speed Star, I heard rumours that in the next episode Akina Speed Star is gonna have a new member with a new car, this new driver's name will be Kenichew, he will have the skills and car to match Takumi and his TOYOTA AE86.

The new driver will also be the new captain of the Akina Speed Star Team, leading the team with victory over victory until they met Takumi and his AE86 as competitor. If the rumour is true then I cant wait to watch the new episodes of Initial D!

Here is a sneak preview of Kenichew/Captain of AKINA SPEED STAR's NEW Car

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


  1. I did not really watch Initial D or read your posting. But I am commenting for the sake of commenting. :) Because Rojakz trapik a lot so I wanna traffic whoring, eh sai boh?

  2. I watch initial D! Ryosuke is TEH PWN ... haha.

    Quite unrelated to your post >.<

    anyway ... the akina speed stars car is kawaii ... lol.

  3. &*%$$, I was really stupid to believe until I saw Kenichew...WTF!!

    If like that my old Rx also can join them go challenge the next hill. Hmm, will have to go up hill and challenge Uncle Lim. HA HA HA

  4. Spit Stars lah! :lol:

  5. NMH, if black colour means look exactly like the koon choy chieh that sent my father up the hill.

  6. frostier : MCH Kenichew is a cartoon character laaaaaaaa .I.

    5xmom : soli u kam wrong place sial ... here trehpik dem 9 pathetic wan lol

    Liz : Nx time i bawak my FC mali bawak u go kai kai ok ? :P

    helen : LMAO!!! i manyak suka your FC lerrrrrr

    n305er : later u kena rogol by Initial D mia fansee you baru tauuu

    Ahpek : hahaha black kaler one ka ? ok ok i go find

  7. Anonymous2:56 pm

    aik....i saw dat kenari at my housing area all da time ker wo..
    in cheras pdn indah


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