4 October 2005

Introducing FURONG Korkor From MALAYSIA !!!!

I bet you Pee-ples ledi heard of Furong jiejie if not here is the LINK . If you still dunno whois Furong jiejie then this article is in Yingrish LINK.

Now, if u dunno ledi, this Furong jiejie is fehmes for her "S" shape pose anden yesday i found this fler who love to so "S" shape pose also and thise fler mia "S" shape post is far much more better than Furong jiejie and therefore I dubb him Forung Korkor of Malaysia !!!!

This is the Photo of Furong jiejie in her fehmes "S" pose :

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Normal only mah ... any girl also can do this pose right
? i think if Suanie do she lagi sexy!

And this is the pikchure of the Soon-to-be-fehmes Furong Korkor in his sexy "S" shape pose :

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Furong korkor from Malaysia!!!

Amacam ? sexy anot ??? sexy sial ler!!!

for those who wanna sign him up for advertisement or products endorsements like Appeton Weight Gain by Kotra Pharma please contact me 1st (I just appoint myself as his manager lol!) if u wanna get more sexy pics of him please goto WongPK

This has been another another Rojaks Discovery brought to you by Rojaks Daily :)


  1. i think he's regret putting his pic on his blog now that everyone gonna call him furong korkor!

  2. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Wahlan, this is a damn disturbing picture man!

  3. wah. spina bifida sufferers weh. help the poor deformed camwhores. must be so painful, lolz.

  4. Someone please set up a 'feed furong kor kor' fund. He is like stick man.

  5. .............. :P

  6. wuching : eh no lar Wong is fun ... he can take jokes one

    james : eh disturbing pulak ... sexy sial! lol

    totoro : aiyo dun lar PK PK .. not auspicious la!

    quick : what spina hamidah ??? he not deformed laaa he posing !!! lol

    wong : hahaha!! who says furong korkor not man wan worrrr lol!

    5xmom : i think Appeton Fund better la ... or he can actually advertise for Appeton ler!

    Suanie : make me one "S" pose!!!!

  7. look more like ? shape not S shape leh..

  8. wingz, tell furong kor kor to repost. that's not an S, that's a C post! :P

  9. Wahahahaa!!!!!!!!somebody broke his backbone ah?

  10. liken a nakid flamingo bird only roasted brown.

  11. Anonymous6:06 am

    I feel painful just looking at the pikture!

  12. wuching : this one new style maa

    belacan : repose ? later he charge me u pay ar ?

    ahpek : hahaha no laaaa

    cameljoe : wuah your imagination very good lol

    simmie : do not do this at home!!! he is a trained professional!! lol

  13. Haha! And this is going to be 'the' picture that made Furong kor kor feymas.


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